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5 Best Audio Player You Can Use Very Easily



We all want to dive in the ocean of imagination. We all love to build an imaginary world of our own. See what? The imaginary world is the best world you’ll ever find& Music will be the best friend of you to do that which will be in action simultaneously with your thoughts. Music will help you to think further more. So to do it you have to be careful with your music player which you will have to operate while listening to music. Okay then, let’s get to the point here is the 5 best music players to personalize your music library & to enhance your listening experience.

1. MusicBee

Without any doubt MusicBee is still the best music player for Windows. You can customize every single thing you could imagine. It’s the most powerful and the most features packed audio player out there. You can use many skins in this player which will change the overall view of entire interface. It plays almost every audio format. You can get services through plug-in supports! And obviously in this app you can listen to popular podcasts around the world.After installing the software you may receive lame_enc.dll missing error. Lame_enc.dll should be downloaded and placed in the same directory as MusicBee or in the system folder

2. Spotify

Spotify is the biggest music streaming platform in the world. You can use it by paying money or not, it depends on your needed. You will get the latest songs right into your PC. It also scans your locally stored audio files so you will be able to play those on Spotify desktop app. Though it has made its way to the Microsoft Store but they haven’t made the perfect UWP (Universal Windows Platform) app yet.

Will you use Spotify forever?

If not having the ability to urge your information back from Spotify doesn’t sound sort of a downside, I actually have a couple of queries for you:

  • How many music services have you ever utilized in the last 10-15 years?
  • Can you see yourself exploitation Spotify for the remainder of your natural life?
  • Are you okay forgetting concerning every bit of music you’re listening to?

Maybe a number of you only don’t care concerning your music assortment. If so, Spotify is ideal. Hell, Pandora is best. If all music is simply Associate in Nursing endless station to you, then nothing I’m voice communication can touch you. however if you type a association to the music you hear, then services like Spotify area unit an incredible development, however a hard reality.

3. Groove Music

Don’t panic please! This is not designed to give you the professional grade experience to customize your music. People love to use it because of the simplicity it has. It gives you the pleasure experience for listening to songs. It also downloads the missing Album Arts. The fluent UI gives you the best experience to navigate and to manage songs, playlists easily. It plays the song that you’ve uploaded to OneDrive. There is a nice feature to view a short bio of artists.

4. VLC

We all know that VLC is the most widely used video player around the world but the UWP version of VLC will surprise you to give the same experience with audio this time as it is able to play any kinds of audio formats. VLC is much more fluent and faster after getting UWP update.Technically you will get the same VLC experience on every Windows 10 Devices. Thoughit is not featured pack audio player like Music Bee but you won’t be disappointed using it. It has neat interface for you to navigate easier. By the way there is also a traditional desktop app that you’ve known for over the past years.

Updating from official VLC website:

This is the easiest way to update your VLC media player from online. You just have to browse the official VLC website typing on a browser and click on the blue button showing download VLC. It will start downloading and you will have to install it manually. You can directly download a new version 32 bit or 64 bit VLC media player from this official website.

5. iTunes

So here comes the surprise! iTunes! If you are an iPhone user and have a PC then it is the most helpful friend of you right now! iTunes is the only way where Apple gives you to manage your locally stored audios between iPhone and PC. It is limited by formats to play audio but it gives you traditional desktop audio listening experience. iTunes will make soon its own way to Microsoft Store as updating it will be easier for users.

These are the 5 Best Audio players for different case scenarios.

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