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Take Benefit of Machine Service Scheduling during COVID-19

In the days of the pandemic, social distancing is inevitable to protect yourself from the novel coronavirus.




Due to this, contractors, government workers, pavers, quarries, foresters, and more are affected. There is a lag in the business. People are avoiding to buy commercial equipment and maintain them. Once thing resume, the business will recover fast because the work is pending too much.

In the low business days, coupled with today’s special deals, PPP loans and special grants, makes an ideal time for the people to buy commercial equipment or do maintenance. Once the social distancing is diminished, businesses are restored, these machines and parts may run out of stock due to spike in requirement. Doing with a proper working order will help to increase profitability while taking route for even more businesses to thrive.

Serving your Machines

It’s an ideal time to ensure your machinery is working properly. Take preventive maintenance, tune-ups conduct, replace fluid, repair, and restore the machine to ensure the fleet is working perfectly and ready to perform tasks once requirement generates. If the machines are not significantly used, it may affect the economy as the companies will have a loss of profit and shift toward competition.

There are plenty of preventive measures insignia to pay attention to, and one of them is the servicing indicator. Looking for machine failure can become an outcome of extensive damage of parts, and further parts may damage, tending for more expensive maintenance.

Besides, another repair indicated by the manufacturer. The more the number, the higher will be the cost of maintenance. These issues are checked and maintain on time as it goes a long way with your business profitability.

Special Financing and Rates

Nowadays, special financing and rates are available – take advantage of the reduced payment plan, low-interest rate, and financing when you buy commercial equipment.

  • They will help you to remanufacture and rebuild, with special financing.
  • The financing is offered from private to commercial options ranging between 12 to 36 months. It will involve all the financing on rentals. It will enable you to assist when the COVID-19 ends.
  • If you’re looking for a new market, take advantage of the general discount.

Enroll in a Customer Value Agreement

To ensure proper maintenance, do an agreement with any company which holds professionals to deal with your machinery. They will do all the maintenance of your machinery with time. In case they fail to do, the responsibility will lie on them.