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8 Tips to Optimize Your Social Media to Boost SEO




Most of the marketers are well aware of the Search Engine Optimisation.

Using search engines like Bing or Google for boosting your marketing campaign has been benefitting businesses for years together.

But as social media transforms into the top platform for reaching the customers, new approaches to digital marketing have emerged.

In fact, there is a strong connection between social media traffic and the traffic of the website. 40% of the Twitterites report purchasing something after seeing it on Twitter.

However, the link between the activity on social media and the search engine rankings is more complicated than you think. Social media promotions when done organically can double the benefit of the SEO.

Here are some of the ways in which you can optimise the social media for boosting SEO.

  • Match Profiles with the Site – In order to allow your social media and SEO to help each other you must restore the contents of your social media profiles at par with your site. Make the usernames similar to that of the website URL whenever possible. You should match the keywords in your bios and intros to your site. This is especially the case with the first word which is essential in Google search rankings. When you maintain consistency, it will provide social media accounts more authority and improve your brand image.
  • Generate Quality Backlinks – Although the backlink science has enhanced over the years, the number of quality backlinks a site has, is a still vital ranking factor for search engines. As a result, link earning and link building are still widely used tactic amongst the marketers. Your pages of social media can be the perfect stage for enticing the links.
  • Give a Reason for People to Click -You can post links on social media which is a great way for driving traffic there and enable Google to notice that your site is being used. But you should provide a good reason for people for clicking the link. You should post intriguing previews of exciting titles that will catch their attention and compel them to visit your site for the full story. This will make the site more sharable, reach more people, gain more followers and generate more visitors.
  • Reach the Right People – The amount of time people are spending on your site is one of the major factors in deciding the ranking algorithm of the search engines. A huge perk of leading audience to your site through social media is that you can be certain that they are your target audience – the audience who will relate with the contents that you share and who will spend more time on your site. You should engage with the right audience and build a relevant following. Leave comments, join groups and participate in discussions instead of a single way dialogue. Your social media will have a greater impact on SEO if it is directed at the right people.
  • Leverage Hashtags Wisely – Hashtags are how people find the contents they are looking for especially when it comes to Instagram and Twitter. Hashtags are the queries of search. Research the best practices of a hashtag for every platform to understand how you can use them. You should also understand what the hashtags mean so that you can make use of them in an appropriate way. Within social platforms, you should use native search boxes and tools like
  • Build a Solid Brand – Your social media pages add another digital space for the target audience to find and engage with you permitting you to build up your audience and your brand. When this happens people will identify your brand and be more inclined towards clicking. Added to that, the brand awareness you have built on social media could imply more branded organic search traffic coming to the site or your social pages.
  • Use Tagging and Mentioning to Build More Relevance and Attract Influencers – Mentioning and tagging other users and pages in your content is one of the ways to amplify the posts. Not only do your audience whom you tag and mention get notified through those, but they also get motivated to share your post and engage on the post with their audience through these. The more engagement and shares, the more improved the reach and the more potential gained for driving the backlinks and traffic to your site.
  • Quality Control Your Activity – If engagement, reach and shares are the prime factors for providing your social media profiles authority and relevance, you should ensure that your contents achieve all these. You should post high-quality content weekly and keep it different for sustaining the audience interest.

These are just some the ways as suggested by the experts of a social media marketing agency that you can use for optimising your social media to boost your SEO.

Iftekhar is a professional Digital Marketer and Health Blogger since many years and now he pens down his extensive knowledge that he gathered working as a dental professional to help and guide people who want to know more about their oral health.