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Resistance Bands How to Buy the Best Ones?



Resistance bands are a type of fitness gear, and look like stretchy, long jump ropes. These are generally composed of rubber or a same type of material that ensures sufficient strength while still being able to stretch with the movements of users. These add an additional level of resistance to standard exercise routines. If you want to exercise at your home or you are thinking to do workout when you are out for travel, then resistant bands are best to buy. This makes it convenient for people to add weight training workouts into any exercise regimen. Find out how to buy the best of these types of bands.

Resistance Bands

Buy various bands

Most of these are colour coded as per tension level, such as heavy, medium, very heavy or light. It is best that you buy a minimum of 3 bands – heavy, medium and light – given that various muscle groups need varied levels of resistance. SPRI bands are a favourite of numerous exercisers. Check the level of tension for every colour, so that you can purchase a variety of bands.

Look at ease of use

Purchase resistance bands that are comfortable and can easily be used. A few bands that can be found in stores come with interchangeable handles. This indicates that you need to take the handles off and on for using various bands. Some of these have bigger handles, often composed of plastic. These are small problems but can make the use of your bands tougher than necessary. Purchase bands that come with padded handles and ensure that these do not have to be changed. There are ergonomic handles in better bands for more convenient grip. Superior bands also come with handles that are softer, foam-covered and less painful than bare plastic during heavy use. Foam handles cushion the hands and save the hands from scratches and nicks in the plastic.

Purchase accessories

A key to using resistance bands is to have various ways to get them attached. In case your home has a stair rail or strong pole where you can wrap around the band for workouts such as seated rows or chest presses, you might not need more than bands. However, if you do not have a rail or pole, you might like to buy a door attachment. You may even purchase various handles, ankle cuffs and other accessories.

Keep things simple

You can find various types of bands for resistance exercises, such as:

  • Circular bands
  • Double bands
  • Figure 8’s

In case you are simply starting with these workouts, limit yourself to only a simple long tube comprising of handles. When you decide how to use the resistance bands, you might like to purchase other kinds of bands later for more variety.

Resistance Band

Choose those with ankle straps

A number of fitness band leg workouts need you to fasten a band to your legs. Sets with a lower price tag need you to wrap them around the legs, but those of a better quality come with two ankle straps. The straps are generally placed with Velcro on the legs, and the handle of the resistance bands attach to the band strap. The strap may also completely substitute the handle. When you use straps rather than wrapping the resistance band, you can reduce the band’s wear and tear and get a fit that is more comfortable. Do not settle for resistance band sets that do not come with ankle straps.

Look for longer product warranty

The best resistance bands always come with a long warranty. A longer warranty ensures that the manufacturer company is confident of the quality of the bands. Look for bands that are offered with a lifetime replacement warranty by the company. A longer product warranty can show that the bands can be used for a long time to come and can last well. If you want a cost-effective workout then you should buy resistant bands.

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