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Best Croatian Islands



Home to over 1000 islands and 5,835 kilometers of an immaculate Adriatic coastline, Croatia is amongst the best holiday destinations in Europe. The Croatian islands and isles are surrounded by clear blue waters forming an easily navigatable coastline conducive to island exploration and hopping. Croatia is undoubtedly the warmest Europe country and during vacations, the country is a tourist hotspot that leaves many spoilt for choice. Amongst the thousands of islands on its coastline, some islands stand out as better destinations than others. Join me in my best five reviews of the best Croatian islands so that you can enjoy your next boat charter by visiting the most interesting islands on this article.

1. Brac

Brac is one of the largest island in Croatia easily accessible from Split(Croatia’s second largest city) and is characterized by hills and fig trees. It is home to the best beachfront in Croatia and Europe at large called Zlatni Rat Beach. It also encompasses the Vidova Gora Mountain which is the highest point on the Adriatic coast standing at 778meters (ASL) allowing observers to have a clear view of the whole island and the Adriatic as well. With a growing residential population and its own airport, Brac is definitely a good stop for any island-hopping boat charter.

2. Hvar

Hvar is arguably the most popular island in Croatia. It is known to host wealthy individuals and famous celebrities within its beaches and waters. It is a luxury engulfed island home to very glamorous hotels and restaurants important in hosting the rich visitors that frequent its shores. It is a small haven for wealthy yacht owners and extravagant individuals.

3. Korcula

Korcula is an explorer’s dream come true. This island in Croatia also known as the Emerald Isle for its stunning beautiful shape surrounded by clear blue waters is rich with traditional activities which explorers can engage in during their trip. Its only 279 kilometers squared making it possible to set out on foot and exploring the entire Croatian island. The island of Korcula has very pleasant weather ideal for exploration.

4. Cres

This is the largest Croatian island by size. It is an archetypical island mostly covered by hills and oak trees. These characteristics make it very suitable for cycling trails attracting many cycling enthusiasts to enjoy their bike rides along the Adriatic coast. It is also surrounded by pebble filled shallow beaches which encourage fishing and seafood delicacies. Visitors will be sure to enjoy fresh delicious seafood.

5. Mljet

Mljet is also a breathtaking island in Croatia that engulfs remarkable naturally occurring sites. It is mostly covered by a national park within which you can find two salty lakes and adjacent resorts. The lakes attract different species of aqua-life and wildflowers. Mljet is very conducive for weekend getaways for couples where you can enjoy numerous walk trails to romantic bay spots. Couple activities like kayaking and hiking are very popular on this island.
Croatia is one of Europe’s most beautiful travel destination combining both cultural, historical scenes with impressive naturally occurring ones.