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Remarketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide




Remarketing. It’s a word that can strike dread in the heart of many inexperienced marketers. The idea of having to rethink an already exhausting marketing tact is, well…exhausting. But that’s what remarketing is: it’s the process of remarketing to people who have already received  — and even rejected — your initial marketing advances.

You want to attract customers back and gain new customers. Remarketing platforms include print, phone, email, social media and retargeting efforts (which refers to honing onto website visitors from your site or a competitors site). In other words, there are a pile of ways in which you can remarket your offering for a more powerful pitch.

But how, exactly, do you remarket via these mediums? What strategies should you use? Great questions. Keep reading for the answers. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you set up a robust and actionable remarketing strategy across all platforms.

Know Your Market

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Duh, right? What this actually means is to know you remarket: the people who want to woo again with your marketing whiles. For instance, retargeting people on your website who put items in a cart did not make a purchase. Or, if you run a vegan bakery on a busy downtown street and want to target the people who walk the street to work every day, you put a sandwich board outside that says, “Come back on your coffee break! Java & Muffin Special: $2.99!”

The point is to know exactly who you are marketing to and to create an offer just for them.

Test, Test, Test!

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Make sure to try out several remarketing approaches  — especially when you’re not seeing one payoff right away. This is easier to do in the online realm, like with emails, CTAs on websites or social, since handy metrics let you see exactly what is working and what isn’t. (If all this sounds Greek to you, you’re likely out of your depth. Consider hiring professional remarketing services of experts in your area, whether you’re looking for the best PPC Melbourne has to offer, or the best print advertising in Sydney.)

Of course, you can track your results easily by phone too, just by the number of bites you get. With print advertising, it’s more difficult to do  — unless you track results using coupons they need to bring into the store.

Measurable results are results on which you can bank, so whenever possible, test, tweak and retest your campaign until you find a remarketing strategy that really works. Don’t just throw spaghetti at a wall and hope it sticks.

Think Big Picture

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As great as an immediate conversion is, some very successful remarketing campaigns won’t (and shouldn’t) focus on instant gratification. Remarketing is also a powerful way to reignite interest in membership and loyalty programs  — a means to many, many sales down the road.

Be patient. Think short and long-term. Go for the gold the first time, but don’t be too proud to make adjustments to a remarketing campaign that just isn’t engaging. Use these three steps to get you started on a smart, actionable and conversion-ready remarketing strategy today, but when in doubt, for the love of your bottom line, bring on board experts. A little investment upfront will not only teach you a lot about remarketing, but it will save you (and make you) a lot of money in the near and distant future.