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Project management tools: Must-haves to multiply productivity

We live in an age of machine learning, where technological advancement has transformed the meaning of work in multiple layers. Various products and tools are introduced in the market that can speed up and simplify your otherwise complex tasks. We will discuss the few best ones for that purpose.



Project management tools- Must haves to multiply productivity

Project management tools


Its a tool designed by the co-founder of facebook that basically caters businesses for project management. Team members can utilize it for multiple features like task creation, assignment to coworkers, setting up the time frame and then having a follow-up. It provides administrative functions as well including both team and individual member management, or security features.


It’s also a project management tool where to-do tasks can be assigned to single or multiple users. Files and notes can be added and feedback over tasks in form of comments can be made. Its message board compiles messaging on a single topic at one place so you don’t have to dig through previous emails to retrieve the message. Google docs are integrated and you can reorder the arrangement whenever you like. Every project shall have its chatroom. Your clients can be a part of it and emails you desire can be forwarded to basecamp so they stay saved.


It’s one of the most sought after app with free basic features. It organizes tasks in the form of cards distributed across boards. You can define a date for a task and can drag the card anytime from one date to another. Its data is SSL encrypted. Activity logs are saved. It’s really convenient as you can add team members to your tasks and can check their follow-ups. Files can be attached. Trello sends update emails as well. 

Communication tools to improve teamwork


It’s a chat software with public and private chat options among team members. It works internally for team members and can’t coordinate between externally located teams. It shows availability status for members, and you can always set up channels topic-based. There is a search history for previous chat logs and it can be monitored by administrative departments. Members can be invited and chat archived as well. 


Unlike Mattermost, Slack is designed for both internal and external teams thus fitted for remote workers as well. Files cannot only be attached but dragged and uploaded as PDFs tool. It offers collaborative features beyond coworkers i.e. including clients and partners. There is an option of voice and video calling other than mere messaging. Besides screens can be shared and monitored too. Data is encrypted and secure. Channels are divided by team, member or client.

Best Time monitoring software

StaffTimer app

It is a first choice productivity booster when it comes to time tracking software. It’s a unique machine based solution with seamless features to track the productivity levels of its users. It captures screenshots every minute so you know who is working and who is exploiting office hours for some personal activity. If usage of social media is restricted during working hours it can be easily monitored. Idle screenshots are to be deleted that will result in the deletion of a minute per screenshot. Therefore an employer won’t have to pay for the time that wasn’t productive. 

One needs not to fret over privacy as it adheres to GDPR compliance. Privacy of employees is protected, it won’t store key logs, screenshots of personal activity can be deleted and data is SSL encrypted. It’s a real-time monitor that means screens can be shared with employers if they need to monitor directly. Daily intelligent reports are formed and task assignment can be done through voice clips as well. 


It can be used across various devices including desktop, mobile whether Android or IOS system. It formulates automated sheets regardless of the size of the company. There is a payroll system with invoicing features based on the calculated billable hours. The optional screenshot feature is offered and integrations are made with QuickBooks, asana, and salesforce. But it doesn’t offer any real-time monitoring. 


It offers many integrated tools and invoicing features. Integration with PayPal has made the entire process convenient. It’s particularly feasible for remote workers as it will track freelancers across the globe and count them in one location. The downside is you need to make separate subscriptions for every integration. Also, you can only be tracked through projects, any off-site work cannot be added as a task. 


It’s also offered on both desktop and mobile versions with more than 100 integrations including basecamp, Google Drive, etc. Even though its free version has many downsides, one of which is extremely limited features. For beginners, it gets tough to stop and resume tasks so every other time they get to enter new entries which is quite a hassle. Its mobile version isn’t immaculately functional either.

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