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10 Best Romantic Gifts for Girlfriend

If you have that special person to love you, Its good to reciprocate the love and make her feel appreciated too. You don’t have to try so hard. Just make an effort and the gesture will go a long way. Remember, it is not he good the gift is, but how you’ve packed it.




Girls like being surprised with, special romantic gifts. Whether it’s a bouquet of roses or a beautiful dress, romantic gifts come in all shapes and sizes. As a man, you need to be sensitive to realize what your special lady loves. A great gift comes from the heart and not the pocket. You do need lots of money to make her feel appreciated. Although there are many occasions to exchange gifts, the perfect time is when she doesn’t expect anything. A single stem of red rose can be romantic enough to sweep her off her feet when you want to apologize for standing her up on a date. This article gives you the best gifts for your special lady. Read through to get inspired.

A Bouquet of Red Roses


Whether it’s her birthday or Valentine’s Day, red roses make perfect romantic gifts. You can’t go with these flowers. You can order these flowers from any flower delivery and have them delivered straight at your doorstep. Flowers come in different sizes so no matter the occasion, she’ll be grateful. You can go for red roses in the whole bouquet or mix several roses in one bouquet. I remember giving these flowers during our fifth anniversary, and the smile was just out of this world. You can’t miss these flowers on Valentine’s Day. Dark red roses symbolize deep love and passion. If you’ve just started going out, the pink ones will work out just fine. Even if you don’t have enough cash for a whole bouquet, you can just give her a single rose. Remember, it’s the thought that counts and the heart is moved by simple romantic gifts, no matter how simple or cheap they are.

Ace of Hearts


You can turn anything into romantic gifts. You thought a deck of cards could be romantic? Yes, you heard me right, a deck of playing cards. You will only need 5 dollars for this awesome gift. To make this gift, get a stack of cards, a paper punch, glue, and markers. Punch holes in two spots through all the heart cards. On the backside of the cards use a marker to write all the good things you like about her. Get a book with white plain pages and use glue to bind the cards on the book. You can also personalize these cards with photos of her or the two of you to make them special.

Hometown Tourism


Make her dream come through by taking her on a vacation around your city or home town. It may look simple but it’s a perfect time to spend quality time and get to explore places you never knew. With all the hassle of 9 to 5, the weekend is the best time to do this. Go to places that you first met if you met in that town. Your city’s tourism department will give you a map and all the best romantic places in that town. This may take two or three days. Make sure that she is okay with the idea first before you set of. If you are spending the night out, make preservation in advance so that you don’t end making a long trip at night. There are many places you can check like your local museum, go to live concerts, taking long walks along the beach.

Homemade Chocolates


If you are good in the kitchen, treat her with romantic home-made chocolate. This gesture will melt her tender heart. You will make a wonderful impression that will last forever. Why spend lots of money buying chocolate at your local store when you can make them at home? You can try different chocolate recipes found online if you are no so gifted in matters kitchen. Making her these delicacies shows that you are willing to do anything to make her happy. When giving her this special gift, do it with a bouquet of best romantic flowers from your local florist. Play her of her favorite tunes as you enjoy each other company.

A Fancy Dinner Date


This never gets old. Though it’s kind of cliché, you can make it unique by going to a restaurant or hotel that you’ve never gone before. It doesn’t have to be a five-star hotel, just fancy enough to stir up your new-found love. If you are leaving up-country, then make a small trip down, to enjoy delicious meals that you only have once in a while. This gesture makes her feel wanted and special. If you like you can spend the night there as you enjoy the town view. Let her try new cuisine that she has always wanted to try out with a classic bottle of wine. Don’t forget to buy her some nice flowers to tell her that she is the one you are always thinking of when you are away working.

Breakfast in Bed


She has always served you and given you her whole. One of the best ways to show her that you appreciate her is by serving her in bed with her favorite meal. Breakfast in bed may not look like a big thing but it means a lot especially of done by someday special. Present the meal in a romantic way possible. Some flower arrangements would be nice to go with the gift. Do a love theme, with the red color being theme color.

A Set of Hand Painted Glasses


Cutlery is also another romantic gift for your girlfriend. A set of hand-painted glasses will be perfect for her birthday. Get a set that has been painted with pink, yellow or white flowers. Such a lovely gift shows that you care about what goes on in her kitchen and also appreciate all her cooking.

A Pair of Shoes


Girls also love designer stuff like dresses and shoes. A pair of her desired shoes will surely impress her during Valentine’s Day. You know what color shoes she likes to get her those ones. If your pockets allow, you can also get her a beautiful dress that compliments the shoes.

A Makeup Kit


She is always stunning because of her high-quality makeups. Getting her this kit will cement the love and passion that you share. Ask her what brand she likes and get her those ones. You’ll get this kit in any boutique or shopping mall.

A Teddy Bear


A red, white, or even pink Teddy bear is perfect for a Valentine’s Day gift, birthday, and wedding anniversary. I don’t know why women love this staffed animal but if you are going to get her one make sure that is big because the bigger the better.

Final Thoughts

If you have that special person to love you, Its good to reciprocate the love and make her feel appreciated too. You don’t have to try so hard. Just make an effort and the gesture will go a long way. Remember, it is not he good the gift is, but how you’ve packed it.