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Living in Canada 101



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So you’re wondering what it’s like living in Canada, a land of opportunities… Oh wait, that’s America. Then… a land of maple syrup perhaps. Or more reasonable health insurance? A land of kind people and wonderful nature? Yes, that sounds about right. See what it’s like, living in Canada 101 and decide what’s the thing that you would enjoy the most about this country.

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 Maple syrup might be the reason behind many people living in Canada. 

Living in a Multicultural Community

One of the reasons or a consequence of the fact that Canadians are so tolerant is due to Canada being a multicultural country. Around 40 members of the Parlament are from abroad. You will hear a lot more languages rather than just the two official languages. As long as you’re open to new mentality and you are able to grow with it, you will have no problem adjusting to living in Canada surrounded with so many cultures. Vancouver and Toronto are one of the cities with many nationalities. Check out the wonders of Toronto, and see if it’s your cup of tea.

It Gets Cold

Most of Canadians live alongside the border with the USA. That means that people there experience the same weather as the northern states of the US. You will get to experience the best of the sun and snow, with transitional seasons being quite short. Basically, you can get the best of both living in Canada.

  • if you’re used to mild winters, it will take some time to get used to freezing cold and snowy winters. And there really is a lot of snow here, there’s no reason to deny that. But, there are so many skiing opportunities. And, have you seen the photos of Canada in winter? It’s like Winter Wonderland. If that doesn’t make you contact and move there, nothing will.
  • on the other hand, it can get hot during the summer, so when it’s time for it, Canadian people really get the most of the sun, they come out and they really enjoy it

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Canada is full of wonderful sights. 

The Cost of Living in Canada

While it is relatively cheaper compared to other western countries, living in Canada is nowhere close to cheap. The good thing is that salaries are also good, so actually expenses aside, you will have more than enough for a comfortable lifestyle.

  • while there seems to be an increase during the last couple of years, the prices of housing are cheaper than in the USA. The most expensive city to live in is Toronto, with Vancouver being around that same level. Despite that, both cities are multicultural and popular among students. If you want a large city, but cheaper, Ottawa is a place for you. If you think you chose the wrong city, read a guide to hiring the right moving professional in Canada and move to another city, it’s not a problem.
  • Car insurance is very expensive in Canada. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.
  • Utilities are cheaper generally cheaper than in the US. However, Canadian people use more electricity during the winter, so don’t forget about that.
  • Because of the lower costs, even some of the US citizens go to Canada because of reason related to healthcare. But, even Canadians don’t have fully covered dental insurance.


There’s wonderful nature everywhere. Canada is a country with a lot of lakes and national parks, so it’s a normal thing to incorporate nature within the city. Vancouver, for example, has a park called Stanley Park and it’s bigger than Central Park.

You’ll hear “Sorry” a lot

But why is that a bad thing? Canadians are one of the nicest people out there, and isn’t it nice when people are kind and when they apologize? Not only does this magic word help to strengthen the connections among people but it can really help a person become aware of their own ego. Sorry, but that’s the fact.

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 You might start saying the magic word very soon.

Happier People Live in Canada

Is in nature of Canadian people to be polite, that’s what they’re surrounded with their whole life. On the other hand, it’s easier to be polite when you live in good conditions. Comparing to the US:

  • fewer marriages in Canada end with divorce
  • maternity-parental leave is 50 weeks long for working parents
  • Canadians live longer, 3 years longer than Americans
  • the suicide rate is lower
  • the infant mortality rate is lower
  • statistics say that Canadian people are more tolerant do different kinds of lifestyles, homosexuals or relationships between unmarried men and women
  • Canadians travel more
  • with different gun policy, it’s very difficult to find a gun in Canada, making the country much safer
  • Canadians are more fit than Americans. If you want to be a part of this country in that sense, you might want to consider a simple way to lose weight.


While technology is changing the national system of education in some countries, Canada actually doesn’t have a national system of education. It is left as a responsibility of provinces and districts. That doesn’t still mean it’s a lot different from one place to another. Public primary and secondary schools are free. Education that comes after secondary school and education of adults is also provided by the government. Half of the Canadians have a high school education, while around 40% of them have acquired a post-secondary school education, the university included.

Living in Canada is Relaxing

Everybody worries about their job and deadline and salary. It’s just somehow different in Canada. Canadians don’t seem to worry as much in general. They are just more relaxed. Maybe because things actually work here. Things are organized and everything usually happens on schedule. Does it sound like a paradise? Yes, I guess it does.  You’ll find that some cities in Canada come quite close to paradise. If all of this makes you want to pack your bags and move to Canada, then go ahead and do it. I don’t think you’ll regret it.