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How Technology is Changing the System of Education



Education and Technology:

The education system in India is rapidly growing and changing with the help of technology. If we talk about the conditions and term of past education system as compare to the present education system then it is totally changed. Education tells about the basic values and basic needs of the individual. It helps to understand the things which are happening in our surroundings. So the role of technology to makes our life better cannot deny. Indian education system is one of the largest systems of education which has numerous private and government educational institutes in all over India. Technological devices make the education affordable for everyone now students are not bound to learn anything because they have command on technology and they know the use of technology.

Fulfill Special Educational Needs:

Technology provides various platforms to fulfill the needs of the students. If we talk about the past conditions of education then students do not have internet, proper computer labs, and mobile devices. They only had the concept of libraries from where they search the learning material and fulfill their needs. But now the system is changed each and every student has access to the technology and technological devices they know how to use the technological devices. Every school has proper computer labs and modern research laboratories for the work where they find every solution to their problems in seconds. Students can do their assignments and prepare their presentations online with the help of different software. They can also find the answer to their questions by searching on the internet.

The new innovations of technology connect the students with online institutes by sitting at home. Now each and every student has their own learning classroom. By using technology students can also give their presentation in class on slides. By giving a presentation on slides clear all the doubts of the students.

Help to Check the Database of Student:

With the help of the modern system of technology, every information of the students can easily save and check by using the system of the database. The database is the system which has each record and information about the data of the students. It helps the teacher to check and know about the progress of the student. By using the system of database teacher can know about the objectives of the students that how seriously student is taking his or her study.

Access to Technology in Rural Areas:

In the number of Indian schools, colleges, and universities the system of technology is not fully available. In most of the institutes in India technology is not as sharp and quick as it needs to be. The number of policies is implemented but the system of technology is not improved. So it is a big challenge to improve the learning and teaching method by using technological devices and technology. For this, it is compulsory to start some special programs to make the system of education better with help of technology in rural areas of India. Online study websites are providing best exam preparation for students who wish to score good marks.