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Leveraging the Market: Ways Social Media Can Help You Grow Your Business



“Visual marketing does not just sell a product or service—it sells an experience around your business.”-Rebekah Radice

Social media is taking the world by storm—there is absolutely no doubt about that.

With most of the world’s population lurking between the pages of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like, it would almost be preposterous for any shrewd entrepreneur not to see it as an avenue for leveraging their business. Without a doubt, if you wish your business to take off from the ground, you would do well to exploit the prowess of social media and market it where it gets the most exposure. Today, the prime spot for marketing and advertising are no longer found in TV ads and newspapers which have all been rendered obsolete. In the digital age wherein people are perpetually connected to their smart device—the “mobilegeddon” as many have aptly designated it—social media remains to be the most powerful tool in growing your business.

If you are an entrepreneur with a business prospect in mind, this should be your initial and foremost strategy in growing your business’s potential. For seasoned entrepreneurs, this is a strategy for optimal results and maximizing your profits. In any case, any business whether big or small, established or starting out, would definitely benefit from partnering with a Digital Agency in the Philippines or elsewhere.

Here are just some of the ways social media can help you grow your business:

Social media helps get the word out

As we have previously established, most of the world’s population is lurking within the pages of the internet. Consequently, a huge fraction of internet users would have social media accounts in various platforms and channels where they would spend time perusing and scrolling through for a dedicated amount of time each day. From all that, it can be easily inferred that any of the social media platforms would be powerful marketing tools for your business. Apart from getting the word out at minimal cost, social media marketing guarantees expansive and even global reach instead of catering to a more diminutive and selective demographic.

Social media is incredibly popular

If there is any indication of just how popular social media has become, look at how big Facebook already is at this time and age and observe how social media channels such as Instagram and Youtube have followed suit. It is of no question that social media is popular—not only amongst marketers, but consumers as well. Its extensive reach, multifaceted features and apt functionality, it serves a utilitarian purpose to marketers. Having a presence in Facebook and engaging with your potential customers firsthand would give you an insight as to what they want and need from you. In this regard, you can refine your business models and strategies and pattern it after what your consumers are looking for.

Social media allows you to reach audiences of all ages and demographics

Unlike traditional marketing and advertising, social media is an excellent avenue for having a wider reach and consequently would then allow you to expand your market exponentially in the time to come. Social media does not have any age barriers and would cater to all sorts of audiences whether young or old. In fact, your potential audience is already at your disposal, all you would need to do is set up a page and you are good to go.

Social media users are active

An excellent thing about social media users is that they are active. This means to say that when they say they are on social media, you can guarantee them to be there. You would be surprised at how frequently social media users check their accounts with some of them even perpetually logged on to it with their various devices. In this regard, social media would then be a prime ground for marketing your business. Even if a potential customer would not directly visit your physical store, they can still see all of your products and services as advertised by your page in their feed during the week.

Social media gives your business a personality

Back in the day, businesses were seen and considered as nothing more than moneymaking entities by consumers. With social media, businesses can now have a distinct and unique voice which their audiences can identify with. In this regard, entrepreneurs should endeavor to see their audiences as more than just their prospective customers and consumers. They should speak their language and create a personality that could easily be identified with their business. Today, the quirkier and more relevant a business page’s posts are, the better it will likely do.