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Types of Bathroom Vanities for a Lovely Private Space



Bathrooms can be given an entirely new outlook by a modular setup. Whether you are refurbishing your bathroom, or you build a new bathroom, there are ample options that you can use to use bathroom vanities of different varieties. In most of the bathrooms, there is a vanity, which is placed to suit one’s personality and style. Vanities can be made in every kind of bathroom, maybe a large or a small one. There are many modular furniture services, which can change monotonous bathrooms into beautiful bathroom vanities.

It is a piece of furniture which has a long sideboard quite like a buffet. This is most often seen to be used for storing utensils but also can be used to storage bathroom equipment and can give a different outlook to a bathroom. There are many kinds of beautiful bathroom vanities. Some of them are mentioned below:

The Pedestal Sink

This kind of sink is also known as the free-standing sink. It can be very useful, occupies very little space, and gives a neat and tidy outlook to your bathroom. You may even find variety in the types of a pedestal sink. They come in various types to suit a bathroom, which would appropriate for its size and shape.

Wall mounted sink

Beautiful bathroom vanities come with a wall mounted sink. It can give bathrooms a royal touch and at the same time save a lot of space in the bathrooms. The only disadvantage of the wall-mounted sinks is that they are vulnerable to even light thrusts and are thus less durable.

Freestanding vanities

They are a combination if a pedestal sunk and a vanity. It has often been seen that pedestal sinks fail to hold all the equipment in the bathrooms. In such cases, freestanding sinks can be very helpful. They offer enough space and can store almost each bathroom essential. They are the most fashionable one today and are used in almost all the beautiful bathroom vanities because of its utility as well as its appearance.

Under-mount sink

They can give a classy and contemporary look simultaneously. They can add a posh outlook to a previously clumsy bathroom. Under mount, sinks are not that common among the households. It requires a strong countertop, which should be made of granite or marble. This makes it high in price and often is not preferred by most people.

Vessel sink and vanity

These are used for such people who wish to give their bathroom a traditional touch. They occupy a lot of space and are quite expensive. They also are not suitable for each bathroom.

Vanity cabinets

Vanity cabinets are the next most popular thing one can spot in beautiful bathroom vanities after the free-standing vanity. They come in different designs. They also provide a lot of free space for storing the bathroom essentials.

Beautiful bathroom vanities come in various shapes and sizes. They can be square, rectangular, round, etc. the cost of remodeling a bathroom depends on the type of vanity you choose to fit in your bathroom. The larger and the more advanced ones can be expensive but would be high in utility as well. You have to be careful about even the smallest details like small racks for storing knick knacks, small towel and soap racks, porcelain handles, soap dispensers, and many other things which can change the overall look of your bathroom. You can choose vanities that match well with your bathroom décor and that you can maintain all throughout the year. You can now choose trendy and customized designs and shapes from online portals and get them installed with the help of bathroom vanity designers.

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