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Instagram Analytics: Important Metrics To Track Your Business Success




Before you start any activity, you can ask some questions that are relevant to your work. It is important to complete that work successfully. These are the same for your Instagram account. Before creating your Instagram account you should ask yourself for what is the main purpose of your account. Choose the right goal and then create your account and share your content for your followers. After you post your stories and contents, keep track of your Instagram performance. What do you want your Instagram account to achieve, how many followers and reach your account gets. This is more important for your business success. The main purpose of this article is to understand Instagram analytics and properly used them to reach your success. Let’s see it.

Importance Of Instagram Analytics

Instagram analytics is one of the free built-in tools, this enables only for business accounts. These metrics used to measure your Instagram performance and all over effectiveness. Instagram analytics is more important to track individual posts, stories, and content performance, and this helps you to develop your Instagram account strategy in a particular period. 

Engagement Rate

Engagement rate is the percentage of people who have interacted with your posts, stories, and contents, and how many followers repost your stories in their account. A low engagement rate indicates that your followers are not interested to see your posts or your content is invaluable. Also, your content didn’t reach more people. On the other hand, when your posts get a higher engagement rate, that indicates, your post is more valuable and then people are very happy to reach your content and posts. So, make your content positively and get more positive results in your Instagram page. 

Instagram Reach

Once you entered the Instagram posts page, you can see the two highlighted words impressions and reach. Both are different, reach means the total number of unique accounts saw your posts on their screen repeatedly. This is one of the essential metrics because the same account can see the same piece of posts or content more than one time. So, make your content more valuable to get more reach. 

Instagram Impressions

It is similar to Instagram reach, impression means the total number of times your content is displayed on the user screen. The high number of impressions you get the high number of audiences you will receive. But this is not easy, you need to extend or improve your content strategy for that level. Another easy method is to attain extra Instagram reach to get more reach and audience in your Instagram account. Most of the business accounts show their account for they receive more impressions organically, but that is not true. Most of them practice this method to get more impressions and extend their account all over Instagram.

Instagram Stories Count

Instagram analytics tools give detailed results of your stories’ performance. For instance, how many of them viewed your first and last story slide. How many likes, comments, and shares your stories get. Also, how many of them are happy to see your posts and contents as well. All of these results can help you to improve your content strategy and your posting style. Instagram stories feature is one of the trending parts, move over 500 millions of people spend their time to make and see this Instagram stories part. Instagram stories are viewed only for 24 hours, after that they will delete automatically on your page. 

Count Of Lint Clicks On Instagram Stories

If you want to add your website link in your posts, you need 10,000+ followers in your Instagram account. Then you can use the swipe feature to link other website links in your stories. If one of your goals is to drive traffic on your website or other social media, you should make your content properly. Then you can get more followers and then you are able to use the swipe up feature. This helps to increase the number of views and impressions on the ascertain page of the website and Instagram account.  

Instagram Conversion Rate

If one of your main goals is to increase sales, keep track of your sales rate before and after advertising your products and services. These metrics help to track and increase your sales count and increase your profits. For all business people make sure to use these metrics to improve their business growth. 

Followers Growth

Followers’ growth is one of the important metrics to develop your content strategy. Track your followers count every day then how many followers respond to your posts and contents and how many new followers your posts get. 


So, before concluding this blog post, I hope to say these are the best metrics to get more engagement, impressions, reach, and conversations in your Instagram account.

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.