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How You Can Master Orthopedic Surgery Marketing?



One of the most competitive specialties in the medical field is orthopedic surgery. Truth to be told, collective and independent practices need a proactive stance in the long run.

As individuals in the pyramid of the health care system, the most important point is to get more clients and reach out the population. Digital and referral based strategies in marketing have been proved to be very beneficial and has propelled surgeons to set forth on the path of successful marketing techniques.

Here are a few ways in which you can spread the word around in the most effective ways.

Running well made videos in the waiting Room

Waiting rooms are where you can get the client’s attention more easily. Compile a well-made and an aesthetic video of you and your practicing physicians where each talks about his or her own specialty. Mention the latest technologies and the procedures you have mastered in and add snippets of the equipment in a vibrant background. If you’re going to spend money on marketing, start with your waiting room because that’s where the client will see it on ground. When you market yourself as “one of the best” or “top best”, make sure that the waiting room reflects the essence of the message that’s playing. Your waiting room should be clean, fresh and vibrant. Aesthetics are all that count.

Hang your certification in the waiting room

Your patients may get one thing or the other treated from you like a hip replacement or a joint replacement but they’ll be more inclined to get their tactful spine surgery from somewhere else because they are unaware of the fact that you can also treat those conditions. Hanging your certification plaque in the waiting room is the best way to attract possible new patients. Your certification speaks for you and it’s a very inexpensive way of marketing yourself and putting it out there, letting people know which conditions you can treat and how diverse the system is. It also helps when their friends’ need recommendations for good doctors and people help put the word out there. Even if one patient had a treatment for their shoulder and were satisfied with the service, they won’t be reluctant to recommend you to their colleagues and friends.

Ask patients to recommend you to their friends

When patients come to you for treatment, it’s okay to assume that they will talk about their experience online or with their friends but politely mentioning that you’re available for other services too if anyone they know needs them, really acts as an effective factor to get them to recommend it or talk about it to their friends.

Promote the website

First off, if you don’t have a website, get one. Digital marketing is the most effective way to get the word out there. It also allows your possible new patients to see what you offer and book their appointments with ease. A patient always wants comfort. Put yourself in the patients’ shoes and think about what the patient would want. Quicker replies, ease of access, uncomplicated browsing and information at your fingertips. When patients visit you, display information about the website there and physicians need to encourage the patients to browse through it. Highlight the specialties about the website. The people who will have a good experience will share it online on social media, teens will tell their parents or relatives about it. Your online presence is just as important as a physical one.

Preseason Discounts

What everyone loves more than a good service is a service they have to pay less for! A preseason concession for athletes or a targeted public can prove to be very favorable and drive in more traffic. Doing this for a community will definitely put you in their good books.

Conducting Seminars

Before the dawn of technology, seminars and print media were the only way to get the general public’s attention. When it comes to orthopedic procedures, or shoulder replacement, the patient is in a position to decide when they need the treatment done and from where. Seminars can act as the push factor for them to make a decision. Seminars can take place anywhere that is more accessible to people and easily crowded places such as, pubs and local hotels. They are a great way for you to put the new technologies and researches out there in front of people and introduce new methods of treatments. For the patient it is a great way to know about their condition and possible treatments, to come face to face with the surgeons and get their queries answered. After the seminar, people are more likely to reach out.

Sending Newsletters

Staying in touch with patients is a great way to get new possible ones. Including and sharing stories of the experience inspires other people to choose you for their treatments. Human interest, care and empathy are the places where you need to always focus on as that will drive in more number of patients. Newsletters can either be emailed to people as that is more convenient or it can be sent through newspapers.

Keep your social media presence active

Running a website is very different from running an account on social media. Social media gives people a platform where they can interact with you directly and other patients to get more in depth knowledge about which services you offer and how they are. People leave reviews about whether they’re happy or disappointed and share it with their friends. So, what you’re really focusing on here is getting the word out and aiming for good publicity through social media.

Maintain a Blog

Maintaining a blog is not hard. You can link it directly to your website where you can talk about almost anything that’s related to your field. Tell people why old procedures were discarded and how the new ones are better, how to take care of themselves after they have gone through a treatment. The list is endless. Make the blog user friendly so patients can understand the tough medical jargons.

James Crook is a college student and a passionate health and lifestyle blogger who loves to write about prevailing trends. You can follow him on twitter @jamescrook911