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The Truth about Custom Foot Orthotics



You might have heard about foot orthotics or seen people using them. People who suffer from foot injuries, chronic foot pain, or back pain, custom foot orthotics can provide relief from such problems.

Custom foot orthotics provide relief from foot pain, helps treat the foot injuries and provide support to the feet. Read this post to know more about the custom foot orthotics, and the facts and popular myths about them.

Anyone can use foot orthotics

Its common thinking that orthotics is for elder people and most of the foot problems occur later in life. However, the truth is that foot problems can happen at any age.  Studies show that 70 percent of people have symptoms of foot problems like misalignment of feet. The foot orthotics can help the kids, teenagers and adults to prevent and treat many foot problems. Manufacturers make the foot orthotics in a way so that they can fit into your shoes and make your feet comfortable.

Custom foot orthotics is different from Over the Counter Orthotics 

You can find the foot orthotics in almost every drug store and some shoe stores. People think that over the counter orthotics available in drug stores are the same as custom foot orthotics, but available at a low price.  However, the truth is that every person’s feet are different and we need custom foot orthotics to treat our foot problems. That is why doctors and orthotists recommend using custom foot orthotics for treatment.

Physicians recommend Custom foot orthotics

The physicians prescribe the patients with foot problems to use custom foot orthotics. The providers of customer foot orthotics like foot doctor Broadbeach in Australia conducts a biomechanical assessment of your foot and its movements. After checking the assessment and foot movements, they make and provide you with the custom foot orthotics.

The truth about custom foot orthotics

People think those custom foot orthotics are expensive and not affordable. S they buy over the counter orthotics to treat their foot problems. However, the standard orthotics is not designed to suit every person’s foot shape and size.

They don’t benefit from treating their foot issues and say that foot orthotics don’t work. The standard orthotics may worsen the foot problems like more pain leading to more visits to doctors and more time consuming.

On the other hand, the custom foot orthotics are a bit expensive than regular orthotics but worth the price you pay for them. They help you address all your foot issues and treat them at the right time to make you fit for your daily work routine.

You may become habitual of foot orthotics

Custom foot orthotics help your treat the chronic pain and other foot issues effectively. Once you start using custom orthotics, your body may become used to the support and comfort they offer, and you feel it difficult to walk without them.

Some people who get used to the comfort of foot orthotics cannot walk outdoors without some comfortable shoes. It is better to use them for the time you are under treatment, or up to the time your doctor prescribes using them.

When to use custom foot orthotics?

Heel Pain

You can use the custom foot orthotics in the cases of heel pain. Doctors recommend using foot orthotics in the cases of acute and chronic heel pain. Orthotics are also helpful in common heel conditions like Achilles tendinopathy, Achilles bursitis and Plantar Fasciitis. They help reduce the severe heel pain and provide support to your foot while standing and walking.

Common forefoot conditions

Foot orthotics is also beneficial in the treatment of common forefoot conditions. The most common forefoot conditions people suffer from include bunion, hallus valgus deformity, hallux limitus and morton’s neuroma. You may not be aware of these terms as they are used by medical practitioners. However, the point is to tell you that custom foot orthotics is useful in all these forefoot conditions.

Corns and Calluses

Corns are the thickening of the skin in a cone shape that can develop due to the friction and pressure your feet bears when you walk. They are of two types – hard corns and soft corns. Calluses are the areas in feet which undergoes thickening in response to the repeated shearing and pressure.

Calluses usually occur on the ball or heel of the foot. The customer foot orthotics are helpful in conditions of corns and calluses.

Where to avoid purchasing foot orthotics?

People should not purchase the orthotics from exhibitions at trade shows and sportsman shows. You cannot return the orthotics in case you experience any problem using them.

Foot orthotics is often sold on the kiosks and booths in shopping malls. You should not purchase them from such places as they may not be suitable for your foot problems.

Don’t buy from the salespersons who visit your home for office selling the foot orthotics for the entire family. They try to sell the products without knowing the foot issues which are different for every individual. The sales usually have one or two varieties of orthotics which they claim to cure all the foot problems.

You should not purchase from the dispensers that are not capable of modifying the foot orthotics themselves. Such dispensers lack the necessary training to suggest the right foot orthotics to the customers.

It is better to avoid buying from sellers who don’t take interest in your footwear. Custom foot orthotics works best if they fit your footwear properly to support your feet.

Where to buy Custom foot orthotics?

It is best to buy the foot orthotics from an orthopedic physician or hospital. Make sure you tell them about the footwear, with which you want to use the orthotic. Buy it from the physician or buy from the store which they recommend.

Final Words

It is still a controversial issue whether foot orthotics work or not. However, some studies suggest that they work well and the people using them are experiencing their benefits. To reap the complete benefits of custom foot orthotics, you should use them only as prescribed by your doctor.