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How VPS Hosting Meet Real Business Needs?



The time is gone when cloud hosting providers had to advertise for different hosting services and their advantages. Now companies are self-aware and keep on exploring different types of hosting before settling down for that last resort. According to the ongoing trends, a major percentage of the companies finally get satisfied with the VPS hosting service. To compete in the 21st-century market, relying on virtual technology could have only brought in any solution. 

Thus seeing the potential of the virtual world, VPS hosting got its relevance. With this the companies who did not consider the fact of cloud migration but with the advantages of VPS hosting made them think twice. 

VPS Hosting

VPS the short for Virtual Private Server is a hosting technique and is gaining a lot of popularity lately. As it is virtualization technology is on the rise and using it on the hosting servers will improve the hosting efficiency to another level. VPS hosting services are said to be dangling between shared and dedicated hosting services. It is more secured than shared hosting and cheaper than a dedicated server. Thus it can be said to be “best of both the worlds”. It is mostly adopted by those site owners who want to come out of the shared server domain but do not require a whole dedicated server for their site. Most of the VPS hosting plans provide more than just hosting and understands different business needs and giving your website the right scalability which it deserves.

VPS hosting model

In VPS hosting, each web server gets its own virtual dedicated space, memory, and processing power. Hence VPS hosting is more like dedicated server hosting rather than shared hosting. Although just like shared hosting, there is multiple web servers are hosted at a time on Virtual Private Server also. The best part is that each server on the VPS web server can run on different operating systems. Thus by this one can experience the identical capabilities and performance as a dedicated server caters to its users. 

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In the architecture of VPS hosting, there are multiple separate dedicated slots within the same server space. The resources are not shared between the separate slots on the same virtual machine. Although the entire model is working on a time-shared or resource-shared still the end-users are receiving dedicated services. 

The separate slotting in the VPS model prevents the reflection of any disruption that might have occurred in any one of the slots. Other applications will keep on running smoothly as they were running before without any redundancy. Though there might be a single case out of thousands wherein a single slot would have been majorly hit due to unexpected traffic. This situation appears due to DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack also which may lead to failure of other hosted applications as well. But these are very exceptional cases and the probability of them happening is almost nullified. 

Why your website needs VPS hosting?

  • Complete control- Since each account on the VPS server is independent of the other accounts despite sharing the same physical server gives a feeling of complete control. With these developers get the full potential to explore more horizons to provide the best possible services and taking the business to a whole new level.
  • Extraordinary availability- The backing services of the VPS hosting is extraordinary as the physical components are of the server’s own. Hence the images can be very easily and quickly rebooted on another physical server. Unlike shared hosting, the user does not have to stick to the configuration that must have been set by the hosting provider. This ensures that all your applications remain online and does not rely on the configuration set by the physical main server.
  • Dedicated resources- One of the main features where shared hosting lacked behind was not providing dedicated resources. The problem that starts arising when one of the users demands more resource usage. The effect of this starts reflecting on the other user’s space. Though this kind of problem does not persist in VPS servers. They have planned and sorted for all this beforehand and maintains a conducive environment for all the growing businesses.
  • Secured and adaptable- There are multiple e-commerce websites that are running online and most of them have a million-dollar base. These websites require solid security systems and adaptable background for their fluctuating needs. What better service than VPS hosting they can get, I bet there is none. They keep the websites secured with the help of world-class security and adaptability.

But everything has some cons to it as well. Though VPS hosting is one of those cloud hosting that has very few. They are such as- 

  1. Any problem with the VPS server, multiple accounts hosted will be affected and will have to face downtime.
  2. Only one OS can run on each physical server.
  3. Separate server has limited space and meeting additional space requirement will require new hardware which will again lead to downtime.

Despite of these drawbacks, the status that VPS hosting has already achieved in the market is invincible. Hence, if you are also looking out for scalability and uptime then you can trust on VPS hosting with both of your eyes shut.

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