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How to Work Out on The Go



If you have a relentless work and social schedule, then fitting in time to work out can be a constant bug bear. Perhaps even if you do somehow find free time after you’ve arrived home, the last thing you might want to do is exercise. Working out on the go, on the road or between commitments can be a big help in fitting in exercise wherever – and however – you can. It can also help to do work out during the day between schedules when you are feeling most productive, as – chances are – if you reach the couch at home after a busy day, you’re not going to get back up again! 

Here are essential tips for working out on the go. 

Pack a Fitness Bag and Keep It with You 

Even if it’s just in the trunk of your car, having an emergency workout bag can be great if you don’t exactly know when you’ll have time to work out and like to take advantage of spontaneous opportunities to get in some fitness. Perhaps you didn’t know the business hotel you were staying at had an onsite gym, or maybe you managed to finish work early and wanted to head straight for a workout before driving home. 

A fitness bag can include essentials like workout gear but you should also consider items to help you freshen up if you’re going straight back to work or elsewhere afterwards, such as a towel, deodorant and fragrances you can easily get for bargain prices from a beauty outlet.

Exercise During Your Work Breaks 

If your lunch break permits, consider going for a walk outside to grab a healthy lunch instead of staying sat at your desk or remaining indoors. Even 30 minutes of walking counts as important exercise, and if you’re going to have lunch anyway, you may as well walk for it!

You can also try some small exercises you can do whilst sat at your desk, such as leg stretches or making sure you’re moving around and standing up regularly to stretch out your body. 

Choose Accommodation with Fitness Facilities 

If you see yourself regularly staying in hotels for your job, or even socially, you should try and choose those which offer an on-site gym, pool or fitness facilities. That way, if you’re going to be staying in a hotel anyway, you can try and get in an extra workout while you’re there. 

Pick Exercises You Can Easily Do

Exercise doesn’t have to be complicated, and you do not need extensive, professional equipment to achieve it. You can easily do 20 pushups or sit ups wherever you like – even in the break room at work if you feel comfortable doing so – and you can also use simple workout gear like a jump rope to use wherever you have space whilst on the move.

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Consider Your Commute 

If you usually drive to work or use public transport, consider alternative ways you can get to work, such as cycling to work instead. That way you’ve already done a workout for the day before you’ve even arrived at your job, and it won’t have eaten away at any extra time you had.

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