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How to Earn Money on YouTube in 2020 – Complete Guide

If you are a creative person but don’t know how to put your skill into work then here is a guide on How to Earn Money on YouTube, using your skills.



Youtube Channel Ideas

In today’s world, your way of earning does not have to be a hectic 9 to 5 job. Rather, it can be a fruit of your smart work. YouTube is one of the most convenient ways to earn money where your success depends solely on your creation. There are surely some strategies on how you earn that money from YouTube. So, here is your quick guide on how to earn money on YouTube.

You need to understand that you cannot be successful overnight if you are doing a normal job but, if you are working on YouTube then social media has the power to do the deed for you. The work on YouTube can be unsteady since creating popular content consecutively is not easy. Hence, you need to learn some tricks to keep yourself safe.

So let’s start our journey to discover how the empire of YouTube can help you build a lifestyle.

Best YouTube Course:

If you are new to this social site as a creator then you might need a proper beginner’s guide. Even if you don’t consider yourself a beginner, then you can sign up to some courses regarding YouTube. These courses will not only let you learn about the basics of YouTube but they will also guide you in forming a successful YouTube channel.

Creating a YouTube channel is not as easy as just uploading a video you created with your name on it. The video has to satisfy a specific niche. Your video needs to make the targeted audience happy and it should compel them to be your channel subscriber. These facts along with some techniques to do so are taught at their best on Udemy.

Udemy YouTube Master Class:

There are many steps that every YouTuber needs to be aware of before taking up content creating as a career on YouTube. Udemy is providing a master class that is designed for every person to reach that up to the mark creativity that YouTube requires.

Phil Ebiner along with Mike and Lauren Moyer has been known for their work as a successful e-instructor. These people have formulated a master class for you to achieve the success that you are dreaming for through YouTube.

Here is a list of the things that you will be able to learn through this YouTube course.

  • Starting from point zero, you will get to learn about channel creation from the level 1.
  • Creating the best videos within certain budget limit.
  • Creating a video and uploading it in such a manner that it gives your content a better ranking.
  • Acknowledgement of your content by several new viewers.
  • Compelling your viewers to become your subscriber.
  • Various tactics to grow your channel.
  • Learning several techniques that will help your channel and your business grow.

There are several other things that you will get to learn once you get enrolled in such a YouTube Course.

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Best Camera for YouTube:

The best content needs the best video quality. As per that being said, you need to focus on the cameras that can make your content look pro. We are going to list top 5 best cameras that you can use for content creation on YouTube. These cameras might seem expensive but the polish they give to the content speaks for their price. Here are the top 5 cameras to use for YouTube content creation:

With their 4K HD quality and several efficient features, these cameras proof to be your best companion in your journey of YouTube.

Creative YouTube Channel Ideas:

It is essential to form your YouTube channel on a specific niche or what we call today ‘aesthetic’. This will help your followers to concentrate on your content, acknowledge it and admire it. There are some topics that you might choose your YouTube niche from. Creating coherence in your content is important if you want to keep the subscribers you have and to increase the subscribers acquiring similar interests.

Here is a list of some creative YouTube Channel ideas for you:

  • Personal Vlogs:

In the world of social media, people have become so fond of each other’s life that personal vlogs are a quite popular thing now.  Your vlogs can be based on anything that covers your niche and amuses your followers.

  • Cooking Channel:

There is always a place for some food, right? Be creative, play with recipes, and give your subscribers some hacks. This channel will save their lives and it will fill your pocket.

  • Gaming:

We are living in the era of Fortnite and Sims and there is no denying in that. So why not play with this in your interest. There is always one or two most streamed videos based on games.

  • Reviews:

This is a vague topic but people are always curious about the stuff they are planning to buy. Give reviews about products that you are interested in. it can be related to games, technology or beauty. Reviews are always precious to the subscribers.

  • Beauty & Skincare:

Beauty Gurus and the Kardashians, well we all know how quickly average people became celebrities through these topics. So, why not you try it?

  • Health & Fitness:

No matter what age we are in, people are always looking for ways to make their lifestyle healthier. That is where they need a Health & Fitness based channel.

  • Traveling:

There are several perks of being a traveling vlogger on YouTube. People love exploring new places of the world through their mobile screens and it also gets the attention of many sponsors.

  • Rating the Best/Worst:

You must have seen many videos that give you a list of Top 10 or Top 5 products or facts. That is exactly what this channel is about.

  • Celebrity Gossips:

Drama in this world never ends and so won’t your income through a channel based on Celebrity Gossips. You can talk about them and react to them. Who knows one day you might be the one interviewing them!

  • Pranks:

If you are a jolly person who is always up to something then try making a channel that is based on Pranks. Be creative and be silly.

  • React Channel:

These channels depend on the creation of other creators but it gives you a good number of audiences.

  • Arms Channel:

Arms is the new obsession of this generation. These videos are easy to make and it gathers a number of audience.

Amazing Idea to Boost Your YouTube Channel:

Now after forming the foundation of your YouTube channel, it needs to grow. This will include some steps that you should learn if you want to become a successful YouTuber.

  • Focus on your Niche.
  • Engage with Your Audience & observe their feedback.
  • Recreate the content you feel that needs improvement
  • Try to show up more in your content so that people can know you.
  • Be more professional if you want to earn through this channel.
  • Promote your channel wherever you can so that people can be aware of it.
  • Try to post more videos on the average so that people do not forget the efforts that you have been making.
  • Ask for subscription, this will compel many people to start going through your content more.
  • Experiment with exciting thumbnails and keywords. Try out the ones that have been the ‘hot topic’ of that time and relate them to your niche.
  • Pair up with a fellow YouTuber whom you admire. This way you can increase your audience and new people can get to know you.

Most Popular Person in YouTube:

There is quite a lot that you get to learn from the people who are successful already on YouTube. The most famous person in YouTube with a stunning 103 million subscribers is PewDiePie. If you have been following YouTube then you must have known this name for a long time.

All the techniques that he uses including audience engagement, efficient content frequency and attractive topics will help you in making your content and your strategies better. The quest of how to earn money on YouTube will get easier for you if you will have an ideal to follow.

PewDiePie has created a YouTube empire but this did not happen overnight. The love and the respect he has got from the world took almost five years. His videos initially contained his reactions and commentary on different topics while playing video games. By now, he has become a part of various imitations and memes.

Some Other Ways to Earn Money from YouTube:

Many beginner YouTubers think that they can only earn money from YouTube via Google Adsense. However, let me burst the bubble that it’s not the only way to earn a handsome amount of money.

Some other ways through which you can earn a lot of money from YouTube are as follows:

  1. Affiliate Marketing:

Ever heard of affiliate marketing? If not, let me shed some light on it. Huge brands like Amazon or Walmart or eBay have got special commission offers on the promotion of products. That is, if someone buys a specific product via your affiliate link, then you’ll earn a particular percentage of that product.

So, how is it possible to do affiliate marketing on YouTube? You’ll need a little bit of investment in the start especially if you are a newbie. Just order a specific product from Amazon (Which is trending), unbox it in your video, show the pros and cons, recommend it to people, and put its affiliate link in the description of your video.

In this way, if a person likes what you are unboxing, he’ll surely buy it using your affiliate link and you’ll be able to earn a lot of money from it especially if you have a huge number of fans following.

  1. Advertising Other Brands in Your Video:

If you already have a 100K subscribers on your channel, then it’s the time to move forward rather than using just Adsense. You can pitch your channel to the local brands in your country that want to be in the spotlight.

After an agreement with the brand, you can advertise its products or its introduction in your video and give a link to visit their site. The brand will surely pay you a lot of money especially if your channel is old enough and has good user engagement.

One trick that you should use in this regard will be to pitch new brands. They need more publicity in a short time to become relevant in the market and hence they’ll agree to your proposal for sure.

  1. Selling Personal Merch:

Famous YouTubers such as PewDiePie and jack Paul have already launched their merch on online stores and it’s been selling like hot cakes among the audience. So, that’s another idea that you can imply especially if you have a large fan following.

If you are already a celebrity, you can launch your merch based on different unique designs and your audience will be more than happy to try it out.

One other thing that you need to know in this regard is to hire a good designer who can understand what kind of ideas can pitch the audience perfectly.

This way can also land you a handsome amount of money and you will already be a famous figure among the masses for sure.

Some Last Words:

Hence, focusing on your work along with some tricks up your sleeve is the best way to earn money on YouTube. I hope that this article would have curbed your questions and increased your passion to pave your way to become the YouTube content creator that you want to be.

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