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Beauty Tips for a Life on Camera



Life on camera isn’t just for celebrities anymore.  In the modern age of social media anyone can upload a picture or video, and they usually want to look their best when they do.  If that person is posting a beauty tutorial, then looking great is critical. Makeup is one thing, but makeup only looks as good as the canvas it is on.  Your skin is that canvas, and skincare has made an amazing comeback lately. Equally hot are indie stores and brands focusing on active ingredients in simple formulas.  Hint: a lot of these hidden gems are very modestly priced and will shatter your expectations rather than break your budget.

These products are incredibly versatile because they can be used by people with multiple skin types and conditions.  No matter if your skin is dry, acne prone, or discolored, it will benefit from (proven) superstar ingredients like a vitamin C serum, squalane oil, or matrixyl.  An added bonus, they can lead to a gorgeous glow on and off camera.

Vitamin C Serums

Everyone needs their vitamins, and your skin needs its daily dose of a great vitamin C serum.  A multitasking wonder, this skincare must-have is an antioxidant, brightens the complexion, helps with the appearance of photoaging, and can even help to repair damaged skin at the cellular level.  Serums paired up with vitamin E and ferulic acid like this one are nothing short of protective powerhouses that can reinvigorate even the dullest skin.

Squalene Oil

Even if you have oily skin you will benefit from squalene oil. We are not talking about a heavy, goopy, pore-clogging synthetic substance like mineral oil.  Squalene is a natural, non-comedogenic hydrator that can actually help to regulate oil production. To ensure you are getting an optimal product, look for a pure formula without chemicals. Squalene oil is also very versatile and can easily be layered or mixedwith other skincare products


Chances are you have heard of matrixyl lately as this potent peptide is making waves when it comes to skincare.  Peptides are amino acids that signal your skin to produce collagen, the building block of youthful skin.  Matrixyl is an especially effective peptide and found in top-rated skincare products. Simply put, this ingredient works.  For added benefits, look for a formula with hyaluronic acid to boost hydration levels for any skin type.  

If you are going to be on camera it is human nature to want to look great.  A good skincare routine comprised of quality products is the first step to looking your best.  Don’t make your decisions based on marketing. Instead look for proven active ingredients like vitamin C, squalene, and matrixyl.  Your face will thank you for using these tried and true compounds plus you can incorporate these products into almost any skincare routine.  Whether you are a social media beauty guru or your have a big event coming up, it is easier than you think to get a glowing visage that will come through on the camera.  

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