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How to Care your Baby’s Sensitive Skin

Learn here how to care for baby’s sensitive skin with these simple tips every parent should follow.




Unlike adults, baby skin is very soft and delicate so it is important to treat it with extra care. Some infant’s skin is more sensitive than others and that may result in sore, irritating and itchy skin. As a parent of a new born baby, you want your little one to be healthy and comfortable at all times, but it is pretty tough if your child has sensitive skin issues. Their skin can be easily affected by the change of temperature, weather conditions and the clothes they wear. You need to take care of every little detail that affects your baby’s skin.

How to Treat Baby Sensitive Skin?

After recognizing and eliminating the signs, the next step is how to treat baby sensitive skin? It can be done in 2 ways. Like you can apply the chemical free or mild baby products to prevent baby skin irritation. The second choice is to eliminate triggers that leads to sensitive skin problems.

Here are some series of steps you need to follow in order to cure baby sensitive skin problems:

  • Moisturize and hydrate baby skin.
  • Choose soft fabrics and best baby detergent.
  • Keep your baby skin and hair clean.
  • Protect your baby from harmful UV rays of sun.
  • Care diaper area of your baby

Moisturize & Hydrate Baby Skin:

Moisturizing your baby skin once or twice a day is best way to keep it soft and smooth for long time period. If you keep hydrating your baby skin it may not leads to the serious skin issues because most of the skin problems occur only when your baby skin become dry and rough. Applying a gentle skin moisturizer for babies or some organic baby lotion can help to create the protective barrier on the upper layer of your baby skin.

We recommend using products that are especially designed for baby sensitive skin by some good manufacturers. Read labels carefully and use mild baby products to care your baby skin. WBM baby lotion is best to use after bath to create a skin barrier against dryness.  It will keep your baby skin soft and smooth for long time period. WBM baby care products are available at many online shopping websites like amazon, Walmart etc. if you want to avail some discount, try buying these products from their official website.

Choose Soft Fabrics & Best Baby Detergent:

Always try to choose most soft and comfortable fabrics for your baby as harsh clothes or blankets leads to discomfort, rashes and other skin irritations. Choose soft cotton fabrics, jersey knit and fleece for your infant and make sure that they are pretty comfortable in them. Cotton is the best choice though, as it is comfy and it doesn’t interrupt your baby sleep.

Choosing best baby laundry detergent is also as important as choosing baby fabrics. It is recommended to use florescent free detergent so it doesn’t affect your baby sensitive skin. WBM baby laundry detergent is the best choice as it is florescent free and imposed of plant based cleaning power. It is designed especially for baby soft skin with stain fighting formula and long lasting soft fragrance.

Keep your Baby Skin & Hair Clean:

Keeping your baby skin and hair clean is best for their health because dust, dirt and other germs are the most common reason of skin problems in babies with sensitive skin. Vacuum your house completely and the places where your baby spend most of the time of a day like their room, couches and nursery.

Cleaning your baby body from head to toe is really important. It is recommended to bath them 2 to 3 times in a week with the mild baby shampoo and body wash. The products with chemicals remove all the oils from your baby skin leaving it dry and irritated. You can use WBM Baby care 3 in 1 shampoo, conditioner and body wash for baby cleaning purpose. It is mild product with soothing and calming affects. Moreover, its tear free formula is bonus as it won’t hurt baby eyes.

Protect your Baby from Harmful UV Rays of Sun:

Sun rays are awfully dangerous for baby delicate skin. You need to reduce exposure to the sun to protect your little one from the harmful UV rays of sun. Baby’s skin is thin so that it can be easily attacked by the sun rays so it is recommended to put some sunscreen if you and your little one go outside in the sun.

If your baby is older, you should apply sunscreen while indoors to prevent sunrays that are steaming through the windows. Cover your baby’s skin with long sleeves and full pajamas and hat whenever it is required to cover their face and neck. This is quite easiest way to protect your little one’s sensitive skin. 

Care Diaper Area of your Baby:

Baby body is sensitive in all but the diaper area is super sensitive because it is exposed to a lot of moisture and it also does not get much air throughout the day. Use disposable diaper of a good brand that absorb the moisture completely. Try to keep your little one’s bottom area as dry as possible to avoid skin irritations and rashes.

We recommend to use talc free powder to dry baby bottom to avoid rashes and other irritations. Choose WBM Baby Care best baby powder that is imposed of plants extracts and it is free from talc and artificial fragrances. If your little one is suffering from rashes and allergies apply some organic rash cream.

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