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How to Begin Your Very Own Ice Cream Truck Business in Australia?



We all have dreams of starting own business, but the real challenge is figuring out how to make that dream into profit. According to reports one of the most common small businesses is an ice cream business. Is there anything more enjoyable than a cool delicious ice cream on a hot day? And with summer here, there isn’t a better time to open an ice cream business and it can be very profitable with a proper business plan. You just need some quality ice cream machines and tools and efficient business. The main factor to ensure the fruitful business is investing in quality ice cream tools, like sinks, freezers, dry storage, soft-serve machine, dipping cabinet and fudge warmers. You need to have high-performance and quality equipment’s to run your business. You can buy an ice cream maker machine online in Australia.

The sweetest part of the foods industry is the dessert category. The frozen desserts combine categories such as regular and low-fat ice cream, frozen yogurt and other frozen treats.  For starting any business whether, in a van or rent store, you need fast growth and high revenue. Your career on this would be very fun, creative and rewarding you in many different ways. Quality of your product is very important so use the best raw ingredients to attract customers. If this gets you interested in learning how to start an ice cream truck business, take a look at some of the unique consideration and steps to involve in this unique business.

Get the Resources

If you are starting a truck business then you need to get your truck first. One simple tip while purchasing a used ice cream truck, make sure that has freezers inside. If you don’t find the truck that meets your own needs then you will have to purchase a step van or a brand new truck. Plan your budget accordingly. There are few other expenses that you need to keep in your mind like gasoline and maintenance costs. One of the best things about this business is that you will receive your payment immediately for your product. You will have an income that will turn right around to keep your inventory well in stock. While starting any truck business, you need to have permits and licenses necessary to operate. These expenses will vary depending on the location and the government local laws.  If you are planning to start your ice cream business all by yourself, then you won’t need a budget for labor cost. But, if you want to hire someone to drive your truck and serve ice cream then you need to add those factors while preparing your budget list.

 Decide What Kind of Ice Cream you Want to Sell

There are many traditional trucks who sell ice cream novelties while some sell soft-serve and hard ice cream. Selling novelties is the easiest because you just need equipment, which is a freezer space. It is also easier as it reduces some of the food handling concerns that comes while running an ice cream truck business, as the ice cream is pre-packaged. While staring an ice cream truck business this is the most crucial factor to decide. So take your own time and consider all the options carefully. Though the pre-packaged might be easier to sell a truck that sells soft serve or hard soft has more profit. It depends upon the variation and the kind of product you sell. You can vary your prices according to scoop, combination, flavors, and toppings. You should focus that how your ice cream flavors will attract your potential customers and your target market. But, if you want to make a commitment to serve soft serve or hard serve you need to plan to have a significant investment, equipment, and staffing.

Purchase your Equipment

Before you get your business started you need to have a freezer and ice cream machine. A freezer should be bolted to the frame and floor of your truck. One small tip that you can hire a professional refrigeration mechanic to make sure that your freezer should have the proper power supply and maintain the temperature properly. Problem with your refrigeration system can destroy your entire investment in a matter of hours. You can choose between from commercial chest freezers which are in between five to eight feet long or a smaller non-commercial freezer. Before investing in the freezer, calculate the floor space that is available on the truck. Then, you need to estimate how much space you will need to store a full day’s worth of ice cream. Make sure you have enough space to move around within the truck. You also need necessary equipment which is an inverter, which will convert the 12-volt power truck battery to the 110-volt power needed for freezer and ice cream machine.

License and Permits

Before putting everything on your truck, one of the important factors before starting any business is that you need a business license.  So, you need to contact your country clerk’s office or appropriate government office to apply for business license. You need to pass a written exam to get the license you need and one special permit to sell food in the street. You might need a resale permit if you are planning to buy ice cream and other supplies wholesale. Make sure you do your research and get the entire required permits and license.

Different states, cities, and countries have separate permits for selling food, so make sure that you have the appropriate license and fill out the required paperwork. If your route goes more than one city then you need to get the appropriate permits and licenses of every city you are selling.

Advertise your Ice Cream Truck Business

While driving down the street you can do a bit of advertisement for your new ice cream truck business. You need to think the more creative idea about an advertisement for your new business. Nowadays social media is a great platform to advertise your ice cream, Instagram and Facebook is a great outlet to post a delicious picture of the ice cream that you are serving. This will help your loyal customers to find you where you are heading next to.