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Dining with family and friends at fancy restaurants is common in Darlinghurst. In fact, in recent times people choose to visit a restaurant and dine eloquently rather than cooking at home. This creates a problem for those pet owners who wish to take their pets along with them. To your surprise there has opened up dining places which are dog-friendly. Let us learn more about them.

For the animal lover, they don’t own any pet, they share their life and home with wonderful creatures. They don’t consider it as an act of great deed but treat it as an essentiality. Be it animals or humans everyone needs love, care, and affection. But when you take your loved ones for a dinner or maybe at lunch, you have to leave behind your pets at home. This is very unfortunate. Not every restaurant will allow your pets as a guest. You cannot go and fight them. The only options you are left with are to either keep your dog at home or find a dog-friendly dining place.

A few years back it was quite difficult to find a dog-friendly restaurant. But these days it is no big deal. You can easily find a restaurant that allows pets, provided you maintain the etiquettes and some guidelines. The guidelines are quite simple but are definitely mandatory. If you don’t want other pets to disturb you and your dog, you have to follow them too yourself. The guidelines are:

  • The most important criterion is to give a proper training to your pet. This is not only confined to visiting a restaurant but also applicable whenever you take them out in public. Commands like sit, walk, run etc should be properly instilled in their actions.
  • Make sure that you take your dog for a long walk, or let them get involved in a lot of physical work. This is to ensure that once you are at a restaurant they stay quiet. A dog will stay silent if it’s tired.
  • Though most of the restaurants provide extra water bowls, it’s better to carry your own in case they don’t.
  • Feed your pets beforehand so that they don’t keep tugging at your back. Yes, you can always surprise them at the end with a delicious lick able.
  • To be on the safer side carry a long-lasting chewing toy, if it takes time for the food to get delivered.

Points to remember

Always check whether the restaurant has a pet-friendly patio. Also, find out the less busy hours and try to go at those hours. This would really help you enjoy your meal with your pet at peace.

Whatever hours you choose to visit always take a seat avoiding the center. It is preferable to take a seat at the corner.

Do not leash your pet with the table. If necessary tie them up with the chair. This will reduce the risk of an accident.

The last but definitely not the least important point is to make sure that your little ones do not leave behind their dirty footprints on the floor.

Darlinghurst is home to such dog-friendly restaurants. Apart from this, it also houses some excellent multi-cuisine dining places which are the best restaurants for groups. All you have to do is to find the best place around you.