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How do Jet Boats enhance a Boater’s Life?



There’s a common question that mostly pop up in people’s’ minds when they hear the term jet boat! This infamous question is — “Is that like a big jet ski?” Well, the answer to that question is — slightly it is, but mostly no. There’s one major similarity there though, that both of them use jet propulsion. And both of them have ‘jet’ in their names, but that’s pretty much the end of it. They are some of the most unique, fun, and cost-effective means of access.

But, you mention jet boats to a novice, and he shall take the subject to be quite intimidating. There linger misconceptions regarding the fuel intake and maintenance expenses. But, in reality, they retain their value much better than any other type of powerboat. They can be divided into two types — inboards and outboards — each having their own strong points. So, you are pretty much making a sensible decision if you think of purchasing a jet boat in Perth. All Marine Services is the place to go for all your marine needs, be it marine supplies, boat repairs or a jet boat purchase. They offer a 24/7 support service, and provide trusted, high quality work on time and budget.

Advantages of Jet boats :

Jet boats are much loved by avid adventure enthusiasts, who love and appreciate the outdoors. Earlier, the people who used a four-wheeler and camper to reach their favourite place, now uses jet boats. There are quite a few advantages that these boats have over traditional stern drives. So, it’s of utmost importance that you purchase one right now. And then choose a service which offers efficient boat repairs when the need arises.

Shallow Draft :

A jet boat does not come with any outdrive or driveshaft. So, there’s basically nothing hanging below the boat. So, you could potentially drive this boat in as little as 12 inches of water or even less. This makes them perfect for rocky western river running. Or even if the lake is shallow or has stumps.

Interior space :

If you get on board any modern day jet boat, you will notice the space available inside the cockpit is much more than the inside of a stern drive. This is due to the placement of jet motors inside the boat. They sit much lower and further back, giving way to more space. So, you are now able to extend the cockpit area as much as 12 to 18 inches.

Performance :

These boats have the capability to drive in a way that traditional stern drives couldn’t even dream of. They have unmatchable quick acceleration as well as great turning ability. They are easy to manoeuvre and provide extreme top speed. But it all depends upon the engine setup and horsepower rating.

Safety :

These boats are not equipped with an exterior propeller. So, you no longer face the risk of accidents associated with the spinning prop. On a jet boat, there’s nothing that’s exposed behind the boat.  So, there’s nothing that will get in the way of you swimming or diving. This makes it an ideal boat for owners with small children.

Water sports :

The fact this kind of boat does not come with a prop sticking out at the back side of the boat makes it perfect for water sports. Particular the one recent trend in the water sports world, wake surfing. This is basically done by letting the small wake behind the boat to push a surfboard you are standing on. It’s generally done quite close to the boat, so the absence of prop is a blessing.

So, these were the major deciding factors why you should definitely think about investing in a jet boat the upcoming boating season. They are clearly a good reason to surprise your family with a cruise trip or a fun day of water sport. So, before you decide on a stern drive because that’s what you have used growing up, do check these out. Trust us, you will be doing a great favour on yourself!