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Going on a Galapagos Island’s Cruise? Here’s What You Need to Bring Along



The Galapagos Islands have never failed to impress travelers as a destination for adventure and this sanctuary for wildlife will definitely bring joy and smiles for your family. How do we know? Well, it does so for thousands of travelers every year and the travelers who are really prepared for the trip are the ones who really enjoy themselves.

So if you’re looking into Galapagos Island’s cruises, we can really help you prepare for this really unique getaway! So, let’s begin from the bottom up!

Hiking Boots/Shoes

You will definitely have to bring some walking or hiking shoes along with you as you need good traction on this island. Here you will find yourself walking on rocky, sandy, and slippery terrains – so make sure you pick your footwear accordingly.

If you aren’t sure footed on the island, you will definitely lose your balance. We would recommend that your purchase some taller hiking boots that also have ankle supports.

Water Shoes/ Teva-Style Sandals

Both these options are great for walking on the many beaches of this island, and with these shoes, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting your feet dirty in those wet landings. Single strap sandals are considered acceptable even on deck– but you should know that these types of shoes are completely unacceptable for hiking purposes.

Hiking Pants/ Shorts

For warmer days, light hiking shorts may be the best option on your Galapagos tour. If you expect to have cooler walks along the highlands, then you can choose to get yourself either cotton or synthetic full-length hiking pants. You’ll find that these pants will also serve as great fashion choices for a night at the island.

Safari Shirts/ T-Shirts/Long Sleeve Shirts

One thing you will really have to keep in mind while planning to travel to Galapagos will be the breathability of your clothes. Safari shirts or T-shirts are quite perfect for all the daily outings in your itinerary throughout most of the year. You can also choose to bring some long-sleeve shirts for the cooler days or evenings – or even for protection from the sun. You should also be careful to bring the lighter colors in order to steer clear of unnecessary heating absorption.

Wind Shell/ Light Fleece

It’s quite true that you won’t need these most of the time, but it will be great to have one of these when you travel to the Ecuadorian planes or highlands. In June through fall, these islands tend to be foggy and cool in the early morning hours, which is why you should have one of these items on your person. At mid-morning, however, you will feel the need to switch back to shorts and a t-shirt.

Sunscreen SPF 30 or Higher

Don’t you dare leave your home without this if you sunburn easily. The Galapagos Islands are subject to the equatorial sun which can get really intense at times. SPF 30 or higher will be able to help you quite a lot on your enjoyable days at the islands.

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