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Few Important Details on Plaster Ceiling Cornices




The use of plaster goes back to more than thousands of years. There are records found of plaster being used during the period of Roman Empire; however, those days, plasters were not as refined and superior as they are today, yet, it is quite evident that use of plaster is nothing new to mankind. Earlier, plasters were primarily used to make decorative items; gradually, as modern and advanced plasters were introduced, they were used for different other purposes as well. As mentioned, there are various types of uses of plasters; plaster ceiling cornices being one of them. Using of plaster ceiling cornices is very common these days especially when you have some new and innovative designs in your mind for renovating or refurbishing your home.

What arePlaster Ceiling Cornices?

Ceilings are the areas which often remain neglected. People spend tons of money to decorate the floors, walls; however, the same importance is not given to the ceilings. However, there are tons of different options available to you which can make you look your ceiling attractive and beautiful; plaster ceiling cornices is one of them. If you are wondering what plaster ceiling cornices all about are, then these are specially designed in order to give proper finish to the corners between the ceilings and the walls. In case you want to install fresh ceiling roses or decorative cornices, you can first scrape the old or affected area, then use drills to draw up the old screws and then start the process of plastering.

Can you Install your Own Ceiling Cornices?

Yes, you can; however, there are certain steps that you need to follow. Here they are

  • Mark and Measure: The first thing that needs to be done is to measure from wall to wall and then cutting the cornice to the proper length with the help of a hand saw.
  • Mixing the Plaster: This is perhaps the most important step in this entire process. You need to make sure that you have mixed the plaster properly. Besides, there is one more important aspect that needs to be taken into consideration. It is that fact that you have opted for the best quality plaster. When it comes to cornices, lime plaster would just be the perfect option for you. These plasters are strong and at the same time can be molded quite easily. Make sure to use the right proportion of plaster and lime in the mixture in order to get the best output. If you are not sure how to go about it, then get in touch with an expert.
  • Setting: This is the final step where you need to apply the plaster and set it to the corners of your ceilings. Make sure that you applied it in the proper way, as it can take a lot of time and to get the best of results, you need to ensure that it is being done by a pair of skilled hands. Make sure that you have a good ladder to climb up, which can hold your weight for a long period of time. You can use solvent-free adhesives or hire cornice suppliers who provide high quality adhesives like Ever build polystyrene that keeps all plaster cornices stay properly in place.

After setting the plaster, it will take some time to get dried up. In order to make sure that it gets dried up as quickly as possible, it is important to make sure that the place is free from all kinds of moistures and is also damp free. It is always advisable to use the best quality plaster when it comes to plaster ceiling cornices.

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