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Smoking and its Hazards on Dental Health



guest blog img 07-06-19

We all know by now that smoking is not good for our health. We all know by now that smoking kills. But what some of us might not know is the fact that smoking is not good for our oral health. What some of us might not know about smoking is that it causes bad breath and can easily lead to gum disease.

Tips to quit tobacco

Even if you have been using tobacco for a long time, quitting now can still improve your oral health. If you can’t quit completely, try to limit your consumption as much as possible. Research shows that smokers who reduce their smoking habit experience a decreased risk of oral problems. If you find it hard to quit, you may seek help from your dentist or doctor so they can prescribe you with nicotine replacement options to ease withdrawal symptoms. Smoking cessation classes and support groups are available in many cities. You may also ask your doctor at Shambhala dental clinic, the best dental clinic in Hyderabad.

Here is how it can affect you:

  1. Oral cancer:

Smoking can contribute to cancers of your mouth, gums, tongue, lips and throat.The risk for oral problems increases for the individuals who are smokers and in most cases, oral cancer is not discovered until it is advanced.

  1. Stained Teeth:

A smoker’s mouth is not a pretty mouth due to the unattractive yellow stains which tar and the nicotine leave on your teeth.

  1. Gum Disease:

Smoking abuses your gums in two different ways. It is likely to produce more bacterial plaque in your mouth that puts the gums under steady attack. Smokers have the lower levels of oxygen in their blood which slows the healing. The gums become infected and your body is less able to deal with it.

  1. Jaw Bone Loss/Tooth Loss

When severe damage of the teeth’s supporting bone has occurred we call this Advanced periodontal disease. Unfortunately this bone loss cannot be reversed and can then cause tooth loss as the teeth lose their anchor in the bone.

  1. Altered taste and smell

When you smoke regularly, your senses of taste and smell may be a bit “off” and this will not only interfere with your enjoyment of food but may actually lead you to add too much salt or sugar when eating.