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Eight Reasons Why You Should Visit Dubai As Soon As Possible.



Eight Reasons why you should visit Dubai as soon as possible.

Do you know that the world’s fastest growing city of luxuries was nothing but a pile of sand till the late 1960s? It is only the last 60 years Dubai has become what it is today. A city of luxuries, a city of gold, one of the famous tourist destinations of the World.

It is hands down one of the most advanced and arguably the fanciest have-it-all travel destination which never fails to surprise you with its dazzling architectures, bustling beaches and luxurious 7-star hotels.

With all that and a crime rate of zero per cent ( What? ), its Lamborghini police cars (Of course no one wants to mess with these) and no standard address system ( What the heck is going on?), you will want to see this city yourself to believe all that.

Well if you are not still convinced, we have eight more reasons for you to visit Dubai, let’s get going!

The ridiculously pleasing Skyline!

Do you have a thing for tallest building? If you feel compelled to high skyscrapers and love their architecture, you need to see Dubai’s skyline with your own eyes. It is not the matter of just one or two or five tall building, Dubai is the home to skyscrapers, you will get a twist in your neck from all the looking up. They are everywhere.

In total, there are 911 completed skyscrapers in Dubai. 18 of them are standing taller than a whopping 300 meters or more while 88 others rising to 180 meters and more. And more are being built every year.

The home to Shopping!

Dubai is not called the city of riches for nothing. The modern shopping malls and the traditional souks of Old Dubai will leave you mesmerized (and probably with no money). It is not easy to have a hold on expenditure when there is so much being offered.

Gold, traditional handicraft, branded stuff, you will find it all here. There is not one but many huge shopping malls to serve the purpose. But start with the Dubai Mall, spread out over a whopping 12 million square feet ( equivalent to 50 soccer fields), this mall is the largest mall of the World with almost over 1000 stores. We do not think you will feel the need ( or will have the money) to go to any other shopping mall, but if you do, there are so many more options like Dubai Marina Mall, The Mall of the Emirates, Ibn Battuta Mall etc.

They have an island shaped like a Palm tree

Yes, you read it right. The Palm Island of Dubai is half riches, half engineering ace. It is the World’s biggest man-made island. It is one of the biggest tourist attractions with more than 5000 residential units, a handful of luxurious hotels and resorts. All of them are connected by the Middle East’s first monorail. How cool is that?

For the Love of food: Best cuisines of the world in one place.

If you are a foodie, this is your paradise. From Italian to Mexican, Indian to Thai, Greek and Chinese, Lebanese, Japanese, American, Mediterranean, French, Spanish and of course Arabian, you will find it all here. One of the ways to attract tourists from all over the world is presenting them with their own local food at a foreign destination to make them feel like home. Over the years, Dubai has progressed in a way that it has made the top international chefs open their restaurants here. Topping the list are the names of Gordon Ramsay, Silvenna Rowe, Masaharu Morimoto, Nobu Matsuhisa, Nusret Gökçe, Gary Rhodes, Simon Rimmer, Heinz Beck and the internet sensation Salt Bae.

For the tallest building in the World.

This alone is the biggest rather tallest (if you know what I mean) reason to visit Dubai. You know, just to check if all the fuzz is true. A whopping 829.9 meters tall, this mega tall skyscraper has broken all the records with a massive number of floors i.e. 154. Also, do not forget to check if your phone can handle a vertical panorama?

Alleged Seven start Hotel? I am serious.

Burj Al Arab, the world’s most expensive, luxurious and fanciest hotel, which cost a monstrous 1 billion dollars to build, is voted to be the most fascinating hotel in the world. It is also considered to be the only seven-star hotel in the World. It probably won’t be in your price range (just saying: it isn’t in mine) since a night at the Royal suite will cost you a $24000. Well with pillars covered with 22 Karat gold, a private library, a rotating bed and a 13-pillow menu, what else would you expect?

Just a walk through the hotel (or through the suites if you get lucky) would be enough to ease your eyes and push you to do more.

The amazingly choreographed dancing Fountain!

The thing about writing something about Dubai is that you get to write words like ‘largest’, ‘tallest’ and ‘only’ several times. One of the reasons which make Dubai what it is today. After the discussion of a dazzling 24000$ suite, I think it’s time to talk about some free but worthy entertainment.

Here comes the World’s largest choreographed fountain system which uses a massive 22000 gallons of water at any given second, shoots up water to 500 feet in the air and is illuminated by more than 6000 lights. It is shown several times a day, no worries about getting the tickets. Time for free entertainment. 

You can do literally anything!

What makes Dubai an amazing spot? You can do pretty much anything from riding camels in the plain deserts to waterboarding at the bustling beaches, diving with the sharks, driving the F1 cars, skiing or even getting a 24k carat gold facial after a long day.

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry! Search for the competitive Dubai tour packages today.