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Destiny 2 Game Guide: How to Become the Ultimate Guardian?



Destiny 2 is one of the masterpieces of Bungie that was released about two years ago. The game has set new grounds in terms of gameplay and amazing graphics. This is one of the games that you can spend hours with your buddies playing online creating pleasant virtual memories along the way.

Whether you are a neophyte or a seasoned guardian, this Destiny 2 game guide will reveal some tips that can help you to become the ultimate guardian, and impress your mates.

1. Unlock the Mystery of Engram Colors

You may have noticed colorful dodecahedrons that pop out of the treasure chests and enemies. These are engrams, or loots, that are in different colors. Decoding the color codes will help you in prioritizing the loot.

Some engram colors are common while others are rare. The general rule you should remember is that rare engrams offer more perks for your armor and guns. Here is an overview of the different colored engrams and their status in the game.

  • White Engrams — Common
  • Green Engrams — Uncommon
  • Blue Engrams — Rare
  • Purple Engrams — Legendary
  • Yellow Engrams — Exotic

You can also buy Bright Engrams through microtransactions. You can also get these engrams by earning experience points. The engrams might not power up the armor or spaceship but provide fancy cosmetic upgrades include unique sharers and fancy emotes.

2. Level Up for Ultimate Power

Players in the game level up by earning experience points. Your player can reach a maximum level of 20 in Destiny 2. But leveling up the character won’t boost damage or defense.

The main thing you should focus on is the power level. The power level goes up to 600 in the game and is determined based on the average states of your armor and gun. The power level is important since it will help your character to enter into endgame activities such as Raids and Nightfall Strikes.

One effective way to power up is to head to the Crucible and Strike matches. You can earn tokens by competing in the matches and take the token to the faction leaders to level up. After your rank level ups to faction leaders such as Shaxx or Zavala, you will be presented the Legendary Engram that contains any legendary armor prices and weapons.

You can also loot from participating members and earn rewards to power up your gear. Weekly Milestones presents a great opportunity to boost power and upgrade your weapons.

3. Befriend Xur

You should become best friends with Xur in Destiny 2 to gain access to powerful armor and guns. Also known as Ol’ Tentacle Face, the seller appears randomly every Friday in one of the patrol regions. He can be sometimes be found hiding in a cave or on top of a tree. Look for a marker on the map to locate the seller.

Xur appears once a week selling Exotic items. The items include an armor piece and gun for Titan, Hunter, and Warlock. You can also buy Three of Coins to increase the chances of earning Exotics from the seller.

5. Know About the Crucible Rank

Destiny update 1.2 had introduced a new system for gaining new gear. You basically need to monitor two important stats — Glory and Valor that are tied to competitive play and quick play, respectively.

Glory points are earned by the number of wins and losses in competitive play Rumble matches. The points will increase when you win a match and decrease when you lose a match. So, you need to win most of the matches to boost your Glory points.

You can earn Valor points by winning quick play Rumble matches. Earning the points by beating enemies in the match will boost your ran. Your character’s rank won’t go down when you lose in further matches.

With each new glory and Valor rank, you will unlock new gear. Getting the gear items will greatly help in making your character the ultimate guardian.

6. Team Up to Win

Destiny 2 game has a bit more difficult to beat enemies than in games like Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six or Call of Duty. The enemies can be comparable to ones in the ‘time to death’ stage in Halo. For this reason, you should stick with a team member to beat enemies in the game.

The enemies react quickly when you fire at them. Killing them can be difficult if you go it out alone. By sticking with a teammate, both of you can shoot down the enemy quickly without taking many hits. This is particularly important in modes like Countdown and Control where characters battle in particular areas in the map.

Consider splitting your team into groups of two that go after different objectives. This will make it easier for the characters to breeze through the game leveling up along the way. The rewards on beating the enemy won’t get split, which means both of you will get the stats as if beating the enemy alone.

7. Go on a Patrol

The best thing about Destiny 2 is the flexibility of exploring the world and doing things that are not part of the main missions. Most of the activities can be found within the Patrol areas. The exploration areas are present in the Titan, Io, Nessus, and European Dead Zone.

Each of the patrol areas contains a lot of cool things to do. You can undertake side missions and locate secret sectors. You can also participate in Public Events and locate exotic weapons. There will often be other Guardians who will fight alongside you in the patrol areas. This means that you can take down larger foes even if you have been recently initiated as a neophyte. The above seven tips will allow you to master the virtual world. You can quickly become the ultimate guardian in Destiny 2 destroying anything that comes in your path. In case you don’t have time to dedicate in building your character, there is also the option of Destiny LFG to boost your character and breeze through the game.

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