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Tropical Paradise: Why Hawaii is the Perfect Vacation Spot



The blue waters and palm trees of one of the most beautiful states in the US have long been considered a tropical paradise. Whether you’re young or old, the Hawaiian Islands are one of the most popular vacation destinations.

In fact, the LA Times reports that approximately 9.3 million people visited Hawaii in 2017. This is proof that these islands have something that attracts so many people from the US and outside of the US alike.

So why not make the islands a must-go vacation spot in your bucket list as well?

If you’re not convinced just by the pictures of the tropical beauty of the Hawaiian Islands, here are some other reasons that make Hawaii the perfect spot for complete relaxation:

Tropical Temperature

Whether you visit the islands in winters or summers, the weather will likely be always perfect. From the Big Island to Maui, you will find the climate to be tropically consistent with only minor changes throughout the year.

The temperature mostly remains steady between 80 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. In summer or kau (May to October), the average daytime temperature is 85 degrees Fahrenheit. In winter or hoolio (November to April), the average temperature is 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

So you see, the weather is truly perfect for ultimate relaxation by the beach.

Ultimate Relaxation

Being a popular vacation spot, the islands of Hawaii are no stranger to resorts. You can stay and enjoy the luxuries in some of the most luxurious resorts and spas. From international resort chains to local establishments, you will always be near a place of total relaxation.

You can find hotels and spas in the middle of the city on the Big Island or campsite retreats that bring you closer to nature. Either way, you can always find a way to let loose and relieve some of the tension and stresses of daily life.

Fun for All

Whether you are on a sole adventure or a family vacation with your keikisor kids, Hawaii has something for everyone. You can basically find any kind of activity under the sun on one of the islands.

Health retreats, spiritual retreats, adventure trips, volunteering, family vacations, nightlife, and pure relaxation. These are some of the many vacation opportunities Hawaii has to offer.

A Couple’s Dream

Along with family locations and personal retreat, Hawaii is known for its honeymooners. Couples from all across the country make way to the islands to enjoy some much-needed intimate time together.

Similarly, the Hawaiian Islands are also famous spots for destination weddings. They basically offer couples an escape from their busy daily lives and a relaxed and beautiful location to tie the knot.

Food and Shopping

The islands may be small, but they are in no way lacking in shopping and dining opportunities. If you are the kind of person who splurges while on vacation, you can find a plethora of shops, malls, and factory outlets to max out your cards. From local boutiques to luxury brands, you can find it all – especially on The Big Island.

Similarly, you can enjoy all kinds of foods and cuisines in Hawaii. Even though we recommend enjoying the fresh Regional Hawaiian cuisine, you can also find a fusion of Polynesian, Chinese, Mexican, Portuguese, Korean, and other cuisines.