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Common Mistakes Businesses Make with Email Campaigns



Email campaigns are a standard and universally accepted form of digital marketing, used to promote new products, sales, company news and general business to customer communications. With almost every business carrying out such campaigns, it is perhaps surprising that so many mistakes are still made in the practice.

From failing to be ambitious to grow subscriber numbers to sending erratic emails at random times of day, there are a number of ways in which businesses can get email campaigning wrong. Knowing these common mistakes is essential to avoiding them and improving your digital marketing strategy.

Not growing subscriber numbers

Even the best email marketing campaigns can fall on deaf ears. In fact, they can fall on no ears at all, if your subscriber numbers are too low. Using Lead Lists to grow your subscriber base through the purchase of email lists is a quick and simple way to increase the number or interested customers who read your promotional material. Complacency is common in business and failing to grow the reach of your digital marketing campaigns can be as detrimental to your strategy as producing sub-par content.

Sending the same emails consistently

Customers will quickly become extremely board of your campaigns and even your business if you continually send the same or similar emails to them. Email content should be varied; do not solely send promotions or only share blog posts as this will quickly lose the attention of potential customers.

Try experimenting with different email templates such as large images, smaller text boxes or different colours. Your email subject should be different each time, too, in order to grab the reader’s attention.

Sending emails at random times

Conversely, the time that you send emails should be slightly more regimented. Sending out email campaigns as soon as they are finished can be a huge mistake, especially if you operate globally. Due to time differences, sending out email communications without first checking if it is the middle of the night where you’re sending them would be foolish. The way smartphones are used depends greatly on the demographic of the user, but generally emails are not checked during night-time.

Not linking back to their website

Email communications that provide no link back to the website are a waste of time. This is a surprisingly common mistake and one that must be avoided at all costs. The purpose of email marketing is to direct your customers back to the website pages that will generate leads or make sales.

Creating boring or plain emails

The time customers spend looking at their phone has increased, due in part to the rise of “dual screening”, more and more apps and the long periods spent commuting to work. Therefore, the entertainment and engagement value of emails has never been more important.

Smartphone users’ attention needs to be grasped and held onto, otherwise they will simply delete the email, or not even read it, and go back to the game they were playing.

Not analysing results

Lastly, once you have eradicated all of the above mistakes, it is essential that you analyse email marketing results. How many links got clicked on, how much sales were affected and how many unsubscribes were activated thanks to a certain email communication are all significant pieces of data that will determine how your strategy changes in the future.

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