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Celebrate Name Day With The Beautiful Flower Arrangement

Parents don’t just pick any name for their children. They take time to review several terms before they conclude for the final one. Some cultures will first consider a family name, and if they are Christians, their first name has to come from a saint.




After the family decides in a word, they call their friends and relatives to celebrate together. You can get a gorgeous bouquet to your invitee as a gift, and a sentimental card to wish them a happy name-day. Just how did this occasion come about?

What is the origin of name day?

From the middle ages, the catholic and orthodox would commemorate saints on a feast day. And since the Christian’s first name comes from one of the martyrs, they would celebrate along. This usage has continued until today and has become a tradition in Latin America and Europe, including Italy, Russia, Bulgaria, and Greece, where they carry the day with high regard. However, most people today don’t tie the celebration with Christian beliefs. It is just another excuse for having a party the same way they would celebrate a birthday.

Now let’s delve into some lovely decoration ideas you can use to make the day lively if you are hosting, or sending gifts to your loved ones wishing them a happy name-day;

A happy name-day gift pack

A delicious strawberry gateau is among the perfect packages for a person’s name day. The green Santini, mixed with hot pink gerberas and roses, creates a beautiful ambiance. And did I hear someone pop champagne? Oh yes, somebody please get this party started right now. Whether the recipient was planning to celebrate or not, this gift pack sets the right mood. All he needs now is to bring some plates and glasses.

Handmade name art

What a beautiful way to welcome a person celebrating names day with handmade flower art. Those who have high regard for names day understand that the flowers are very significant for this day. It merely says that the celebrant’s name is as beautiful as the flowers displayed. So, you want to help them feel that love and beauty by surrounding them with gorgeous blooms in the room.

Cheerful Shasta daisies

Name day doesn’t have to involve feasting and dancing. You can get your few friends and throw a tea party. The robust blooms, paired with an elegant teapot as a vase, set alongside strawberries, make a super gorgeous display. Talk of sight of sore eyes, this is it. Any invitee will quickly fall in love with this display.

“Flower day.”

Tsvetnitsa or Palm Day in Bulgaria is a day that everyone named after a flower celebrates their name-day. The special day is referred by Bulgarians as imen den, while the celebrant is called imenik. If you get an invitation from an imenik, you are obligated to go to his party with flowers. It doesn’t matter what other gifts you might be carrying with you.

Best wishes

Flowers are beautiful to look at, whether real or on print. Send a lovely carnation card to your buddy with your sincere wishes in it. Surprise them with the actual flowers later. A bouquet of the same picture will be ideal.

Theodora bouquet

The name of these blooms may inspire someone bearing the same name. It consists of exotic orchids and beautiful roses which carry Theodora’s personality. The sweet name means “Gift from God.” It is an excellent gift to Theodora’s celebrants on their name day. These women are said to be there whenever you need them, and they appreciate precious gifts like this bouquet.

Pink roses

A bouquet of pink roses is excellent for sending friends celebrating their names day. They are subtle and beautiful. Flowers help you show your true feelings without the need to talk. A bouquet of pink roses delivers happiness and easy love to your besties.

Red roses

This flower arrangement is announcing that there’s something unique happening here. A lover or your better half is the best person to send this bouquet, showing a fierce or passionate love to his partner. It is a gift that can suit many events like Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and also names day celebration.


These flowers are cheerful and light up the recipient no matter the occasion. They are the perfect blooms for those celebrating their name day. They can decorate their surroundings with them as they symbolize long life and optimism. One can also send them to a BFF, conveying a cherished friendship and loyalty.

Summer is here.

The weather might be dull outside, but this bouquet will bring sunshine to the recipient. White hydrangea with a spray of roses has never ceased to be delightful. From the list of gifts that your friend will receive on his name day, this is one gift that is likely to stand out among the rest. No one will miss these vibrant blooms in the room, and compliments will rain from every corner.

For an elegant woman

When do you believe, is the proper time to send a gift? For me, I would say first thing in the morning. They convey pleasure comes in the morning, and it’s a beautiful way to start a day. Make a killer presentation, especially if the recipient is a fashionista. An elegant hat turned into a fancy basket of flowers is a superb display as you wish a friend, a sister, or a mom a happy name day.

Different shades of pink

Pink is beautiful, but it turns out to be a total delight when arranged articulately in various pink tones. Each shade represents a unique meaning. The hot pink conveys gratitude and recognition, while the light or pale tone shows gentleness, joyfulness, and happiness. That’s why they are the leading flowers for friend’s birthdays and name days.

Refurbish potted plants

Maybe you don’t need to buy cut flowers for decorations. We often overlook the beautiful potted plants we already have in the house. If you add a whimsical pot or decorate the current one, it will look brand new by applying some paint or patterns. For big plants, a woven basket can look superb.


The reason you need to consider carnations for your décor, they come in a beautiful array of hues. They look stunning while mixed with different colors and have a luxurious look, although not pricey. These blooms have an impressive volume, making them a fuller look in a vase and creating a gorgeous bouquet. If you search for a better alternative to a peony, something similar to a ruffled texture, carnation is your flower.

Poppies for entry

You want to make a statement as the guests come in for name’s day celebration. The bright Icelandic flowers look inviting. The arrangement includes tulips and a bubbly mimosa to soften the mix. Placing them on an entry table is ideal, especially for a special event like this one.

A name day bouquet

A dear one would appreciate this lovely gift consisting of red roses, carnations which suits any occasion, mums, and seasonal greenery. Also, if you are not nearby, you can organize to have them delivered. Don’t forget a happy name-day card to let the recipient know the gift source.

Daffodils with lady mantle

If the name day celebration falls in spring, you may want to consider daffodils arrangement with lady’s mantle, which is fantastic. We promise they will brighten the party and put a smile on your guests. These can be a great striking centerpiece or would be interesting when placed on a dining table. Bright and cheerful colors bring a good appetite.

A mix of dahlia

It is a simple and elegant flower arrangement consisting of dahlias, Earl grey roses, softened with white rose, and some green Ruscus splash. Dahlia is an excellent cut flower and shows change, dignity, elegance, and creativity.

Contrasting tones

A mix of soft and bold flowers gives this arrangement an enticing centerpiece. The grasses used adds texture to the blooms. And the layering of the greenery and the mums and dahlias provide a lush of stunning asymmetrical look.

Simple, elegant vase

Sometimes all you need is a beautiful flower vase and a little knowhow of blending the right blooms. Maybe a variety of five different flowers with different heights, textures, and hues, and you are good to go. Your tallest stem should be your focal point, that’s the one you should start in your flower arrangement.

Flower tips decorations:

  • Ensure to remove any thorns and leaves from the flowers to avoid the transmission of bacteria in the water. It also increases the lifespan of the blooms.
  • Keep the bouquet about one and a half longer than the flower vase.
  • Place your fresh blooms away from the sunlight.
  • Change the water daily.
  • Use dark foliage to create depth and use a bare branch to get a stunning display.
  • Blow a rosebud if you want it to open quickly.
  • As some flowers begin to wither, remove them immediately to prolong the life of others.

In conclusion, the gift of flowers is irreplaceable and memorable. Whatever the occasion, it is a sweet present that conveys a message of thoughtfulness and love. Wish your loved ones a happy name-day with a fresh bouquet, and they will live to remember the kind gesture. And if you want to give a party, why don’t you spruce your home with our delightful flower arrangements and tips to look like a pro? You will find this exercise fun and therapeutic.

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