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Best Street Food In Mumbai To Gorge On At Night



Mumbai - Street Food Guide

The city never sleeps and so does the food. For your late night cravings or night-outs, the food game is sorted in Mumbai.

Although restaurants are usually open till early morning hours, the hunger for snacks and meals never die. To curb that craving, the city has plethora of options to select from.

Here are a few typical mumbaikar choices for places to eat in Mumbai.

Pav Bhaji

Mumbai is synonymous to Pav Bhaji when it comes to food. Among the most famous stalls in the city, you can find buttery bhaji being served with grilled pav.

The best place to find your kind of pav bhaji in Tardeo will have to be from Sardar Pav Bhaji. Ask for the timings? You can satiate your hunger till 3 AM in the morning.

Paneer Bhurji Pav

Whether you like scrambled eggs or paneer bhurji, you can get all of it in Mumbai in the wee hours as well. When in Andheri West, your late night bite has got to be none but Suresh ki Bhurji Pav.

The food stall is put up late in the evening and is open till 3 in the morning. So, if you are planning a visit to Mumbai, you must sacrifice one night and visit the stall to gorge on delicious paneer bhurji pav.


The snack food of kutch region is quite famous on Mumbai streets. On the sidewalks at night in Andheri East, you might want to try this toasted bun filled with peanuts, onion and lip smacking patties.

If you want to try out the real street food in Mumbai on Nagardas road, you must go on to the roadside stalls bustling with customers till 2 in the morning. Who knows, you might encounter some disguised bollywood celebrity gorging on the same.


For all you non-vegetarian lovers, kebabs are an ultimate option if you are somewhere in Colaba.

Standing tall in front of the Taj Hotel ever since Indian independence, Bade Miyan attracts flocks from far and nearby places for delicious kebabs and rolls accompanied with maida rotis.

You can run here till 4 in the morning and pounce on these kebabs while enjoying the nightlife in Mumbai.

Kathi Rolls

After having your game up at a nightclub in Mumbai, you might want to try some kathi rolls for that choti-choti bhook, right?

Bandra has this gorgeous place to satiate your hunger for kathi rolls. Sigdi serves some scrumptious chicken kathi rolls and what’s the best part? They deliver till wee hours of the morning as well.

So, if you want to taste Mughlai and Chinese delicacies at the same time, head over to Bandra food stalls like Sigdi that serve till 4 AM.

Mawa Jalebi

What better than to end your day while you relish on some desserts.

After having gorged on kathi rolls, you must try out Mawa Jalebi served in small batches at street corners. Mawa jalebi soaked in sugar syrup will definitely give you #foodorgasm.

So, planning your trip to Mumbai? Don’t throw food out of the plate and hop on to these amazing places to enjoy real nightlife in Mumbai.