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Best and Worst Of The Echo vs Echo Plus



The amazon echo has been flying off shelves since it hit the market in June of 2015, With each year, Amazon creates a better version. The Amazon Echo is a popular brand of speakers sold by Amazon. They’re considered smart speakers because of some of their capabilities. It does everything by command. All you need to do is speak and it listens. It will respond to three different names. These are Alexa, computer and echo. The Echo has many abilities that include giving information like weather and sports scores. It also plays audiobooks and makes to do list. Stream music and movies as well as stream live entertainment.

The Amazon Echo is only one of the smart devices that Amazon has been working on. The lab is at Lav126, located in Silicon Valley Cambridge, Massachusetts. In 2016 the Amazon Echo was the first Amazon product to have a commercial during the super bowl. The Alexa Smart compatibility is a feature that Amazon is now adding too many of their great products.

At the end of 2017 Amazon introduced a new product. Amazon created an improved version of the Echo. They continued to tweak the speakers. This came to head when they released a new version altogether called the Echo Plus. The new Echo Plus gives consumers the ability to connect with home equipment as well. In comparison there are a few differences to notice.


The Echo, in the beginning, was a standard design that was the same for everyone. Things have evolved with the new editions, however. The new technology that Amazon has integrated into the speaker has made it so consumers can choose between their favorite design and color. The older version also stands at just under 6 inches. The echo comes in a total of six different designs as well. Three of the designs come with covers made of cloth. The other three designs are in a new sleek design. There is even an option of a wood design.

The Echo Plus also a great design. It is slightly shorter than the original. It is also 3.0 inches wide making it larger around than the old speakers. All the Echo Plus come with a surface made from fabric. Consumers can choose between colors of this fabric. These colors include charcoal, gray and a sandstone color.


Speakers are used for a lot more than listening to music these days. The usefulness of the speaker tells consumers what they are getting for the money they spent. A smart speaker is to make small things easier and less time consuming for consumers. The first thing to understand is that all echo products work with all smart home devices in the home. They will automatically play music as well as turn on the Fire TV. It is also compatible with other devices like security systems and Ring. It uses voice recognition to confirm commands. Every day Amazon is adding more technology to expand the use for the echo.

The difference between Echo and Echo Plus is that Echo Plus is a hub. Many of the speakers and smart devices found today have to use the main home hub to connect all devices. However, with the new Echo Plus, it has a hub built in. Zigbee lets you connect automatically to your devices. This makes the use easier and faster as well as more reliable. There is also a sensor in the new Echo Plus that will read the temperature in the home. This will allow for commands on when to turn on fans, air conditioning, and heat. The Echo Plus also has one more feature that is new. It has what they call voice control. This means that you can connect to your plugs and lights even when your internet connection is low. This is another reason why the Echo Plus price tag is a little steeper.


One of the most important things that people ask about is how good is the sound. It is a speaker after all. The speaker features new Dolby technology. The Echo’s equipped with a woofer that is 2.5 inches. The Echo Plus went a little larger with a neodymium 3-inch woofer. The Echo Plus is also equipped with back volume that makes the bass more pronounced and the tones better sounding.

The one thing that stands the same in both speakers is the ability to use multi-room listening. This means that you will hear the same music playing as you pass from one room to the next. It also gives listeners the ability to listen to different music from one room to the next. Consumers also have the ability to connect the speaker to other products from Amazon, like the Echo Sub, for an even better sound. Or if you want an even better sound, connect it to any set of speakers as well.


One other feature that the Echo and Echo Plus offer is the ability to connect and talk to other Echo users. This is also available to connect with those that have the Alexa app on their phone or smart devices. This capability reaches farther than only the United States. Users can talk to family and friends in Canada and Mexico as well. Users can also speak into the phone for it to connect to the other devices in the home. Soon, Amazon is making it capable of connecting through Skype as well.


There is a little difference in the price of the Echo and the Echo Plus. The Echo has two different prices. It starts out at $100 for an original Echo that comes with a covering made from cloth. The other sleek designs of the original price at $120 each. The Echo Plus prices a little higher at $150. It is good to remember yet, that the Echo Plus also comes with a free smart hub built into it for the home as well.

There are a few differences between the Echo and the Echo Plus. The Echo is a great product and the Echo Plus has all that and the sensor for temperature and the smart hub for the home. For just $30 to $50 more you can have it all. You can also pair both with other products from Amazon for a premium sound that is unforgettable.

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