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Best Photo Booth Props To Hire: An Overview



Photo booths can be a way of capturing the moments that attendees shares on social media after clicking through their mobile or digital camera. They can fit any event from birthday party to wedding ceremony or launching any product to exhibition. Your role is to contact them and adapt them to suit. A variety of different photo booth options that you can incorporate into your event to maximize photo opportunities.

What is a photo-shooting in photo booths without the props? Whether you hire a photo booth for your wedding reception or any other party, photo booths can add life to your event. And with props to your aid, even the most boring of photographs can liven up! Imagine posing with your great grandma with an oversized moustache, or envisage your Uncle Sam playing an inflatable guitar! The photographs taken in a photo booth can reveal a side of your near and dear ones that could have otherwise remained unknown!

Here’s a list of interesting props that you might want to include in your photo booth:

Option #1: Inflatable Dinosaurs

They work best in a jumbo-sized photo booth. You can get them from online stores. However, given that these inflatable dinosaurs can be quite big in size, you might not want to get more than one of them for your photo booth hire.

# Option 2: Parasols

They can be a perfect option to any open area booth. You can consider adding more than one of the, if your space permits. They are quite reasonable in price as well. However, you might have to pay an extra amount of money if you choose products with embellishments and more intricate designs. You might want to pick something that goes well with the theme of your party. They can be had in many online stores.

Option #3: Feather Boas

Ideal for the girls gracing your party- but they can be tried by menfolks as well! Look for a selection of boas including chandelle, feather leis, princess, ostrich feather and the like. Choose boas with vibrant colours to get more lively pictures.

Option #4: Nerd Glasses

They need no explanation! Simply choose the geekiest, biggest pairs of reading glasses and sunglasses that your eyes can conceive of. Pay heed to the colour of the frames, as well! Look for the craziest options- electric pink, red, white, leopard/ tortoise shell… Even antique frames can do the job too! Consider getting them from the stores or preparing some at home (if you are DIY enthusiast).

Option #5: Top Hats

Now this is something truly exclusive for men. Find for the units that resembles what the mad Hatter have worn in Tim Burton’s adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. They can be a tad pricy, though, but worth every penny. Get creative!

Option #6: Moustaches

They are the ‘in’ thing in the world of photo booth props these days. They can be surprisingly cheap as well! You can also consider making moustaches at home. There are a number of YouTube videos that offer tutorials on preparing them. And if you don’t have the necessary time to invest, then you can always consider the option of getting pre-made fake moustaches from stores.

Option #7: Wigs

We all love wigs-especially the ones coloured in strange hues, especially while striking a pose on photo booth. There are also a good selection of funny wigs in the online stores, most of which are priced very reasonably.

Option #8: Neon Gangster Hats

An ideal option to create an electrifying atmosphere in your photo booth.

Option #9: Inflatables

You have just read about the dinosaurs. You can also consider other varieties like an inflatable skeleton, a few inflatable guitars, as well as inflatable conversion charts.

Option #10: Bouquet Of Artificial Flowers

You will love them while re-creating the bridal bouquet toss. Have a collection of different artificial flowers from a craft store and wrap a ribbon around them. The trick will be done!

Option #11: Bridal Veil

They can also be found in any local craft store. You can also think of creating one by sticking tulle to a pretty headband.

A creative mind should know no limitations. Explore your creativity while finding out the best props for your party. You can also inquire with your photo booth hire agency in London to see if they have ant extraordinary props to offer you.