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Are Dentists Doctors? We asked a Dentist



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Are dentists doctors?

In response to the question of whether a dentist is a doctor, the answer should be yes – both for a dentist with a doctorate and the one without.

The Level of Medical Studies

The difference between a doctor and a dentist, though, is a matter of training and qualification. The dentist is required to do a degree in dentistry and the medical doctor is required to go through a longer period of study.

Both are, however, focused on the medical aspects of the human body although dentistry focuses on the oral and facial parts of the body and is in a sense exclusive. The level of studies for medical doctors leads the candidates to obtain a doctorate, hence, the qualification to be called a doctor.

Medical doctors have a period of pre-med and a seven-year study period with a two-year residency in a hospital. Even though the dentists have a lesser period of study, and do not need to have a doctorate, they are allowed to register as doctors and, therefore, be called doctors.

To be a legitimate doctor, though, the dentist would need to complete a Ph.D. (a doctoral degree). Both medical doctors and dentists must register and have a license from their respective boards in order to practice.

Both candidates are called doctors as their focus and purpose is to deal with the health care of their patients. Both the dentist as well as the medical doctor strives to provide the best care for their patients in terms of diagnosis and treatment.

The diagnosis and treatment of patients is key to understanding why they too are called doctors. The dentist who has completed his studies at higher degree level would be known as a dental surgeon. They will perform the relevant dental surgeries if a patient requires it. The degrees for this purpose are Doctor of Dental Medicine and Doctor of Dental Surgery. This will make the title of “Doctor” more relevant.

No Love Lost Between Medical Professions

This is not a matter of demeaning the person, but to emphasize their importance as a practicing health official. The dentist focuses on dental procedures and dental health. They are concerned with the cleaning of a patient’s teeth, diagnosing oral problems, and prescribing medication.

These are aspects that the medical doctor would not consider. Thus, one could regard the dentist as a doctor who specializes in a specific area of the body – that is, the mouth. This means that medical doctors can refer patients to them for specific oral problems.


The answer to the question then is, yes, dentists are doctors. They are doctors because of their field of specialization and the responsibility that comes with the profession.

The plantation dentist is the person you can count on to ensure that your toothache disappears. He or she will fill your cavities so you can have a mouth filled with teeth for longer.

They are the only ones capable of providing you with a set of custom made dentures if you finally lose the battle against your cavities. As surgeons, they are capable of doing general surgery as well as reconstructive surgery.

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