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Top 9 HR Trends for 2019




HR might not seem like a part of business that has trends, but it absolutely is. Within HR things can change, things can develop and there are some things that might be commonplace one year, but not so much the next.

We might be over halfway through 2019, but we think that it is the ideal time to take a look at the trends that have developed over the past few months.

Moving away from one size fits all

Standardization has always been the approach for many aspects of business, including HR. However one size fits all doesn’t always work out for the best, especially in this modern world. Employees are individuals, they have needs, they have wishes and they have their own specific capabilities. Recognizing this is incredibly important and will definitely have an impact on the HR provisions that you offer those who work with you.

Using tech to communicate

Tech is there to make our lives easier and this also stretches out into our working lives. HR can really benefit from tech from using platforms for rewards, training and simple daily communications. One popular communication method for many businesses are internal communication apps; these can then be added to an employee’s personal phone and they can then access it whenever they need to. Even if they are working remotely or are off site.

Developing trust

Trust is incredibly valuable for any organisation especially when it comes to your employees. Trust is something that more and more businesses are focusing on. There are a variety of ways to develop trust in your business. Honest and open communication is one of the approaches to take as well as showing that you trust in what you employees are capable of.

Focusing on employee experience

Employees are a key part of any business, so it makes sense that you are going to want to focus on them and ensure that they are happy. Employee experience is something that more and more businesses are focusing on, in fact, how to improve it (or maintain it if you are already doing well) is appearing more and more in HR strategy plans. If you focus on employee experience, then you are going to find that staff retention is higher, and that means that you don’t have to worry about recruiting.

AI in HR

If there was ever two things that you didn’t think would mix it is AI and HR, however, 2019 has been the year when AI really started to make an entrance into the world of HR. AI helps with self-learning systems, which will help with aspects of HR such as candidate selection and retaining talent too – both of which make HR staff’s role that little bit easier.

Giving employees some control

Whilst HR needs to be something that is offered to employees by a particular team or department in a business, that doesn’t mean that employees can’t try and take some control themselves. Modern HR definitely has a sense of autonomy and self-direction, which will help employees to not only feel more in control of what they are doing, but also make things a little easier for those who work in HR too.

Investing in developing talent

Another trend for HR in the modern world of business is investing in talent. Talent is important for any business; it is what makes the difference between your business being a success and it being a failure. Having the right employees with the right skills will really help you to get ahead of your competitors, to offer the very best level of service to your customers. Which is going to really help your business to grow.

Working remotely

It didn’t seem that long ago that the idea of having staff that worked remotely seemed a little on the strange side. However, working remotely is definitely something that is becoming more and more popular. Remote working means that employees can balance their work life with their home life more and it also shows them that you value them and their needs too.

Focusing on engagement

Employee engagement is always something that you need to focus on as a business, which means that it should always be something that comes up in HR trends. HR teams need to think about ways that the staff that work within a business can be more engaged. Engaged employees are those that are proactive, that care about what they do and want to try their best for the business too.

Why not try some of these key trends for yourself? It might not be possible to tackle them all at once, but even one or two of them is going to really help to transform the HR provision in your business and get you where you want to be in the future.