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8 Surprising Health Benefits of Camping



Health Benefits of Camping

Almost everybody loves to go camping. There’s nothing like getting some personal time with nature. Every now and then, I pack up my camping gear, load it up on my Jeep, and go wherever the road takes me. I love getting into the wilderness, far away from Frontier bundles, annoying emails and pesky technology in general. I always feel great when I finally come back home. Until recently, I attributed this to being able to take a break. As it turns out, there is actual science behind why you feel so good after a nice camping trip.

Camping Trips – 8 Amazing Health Benefits

Camping is a great activity. You can go alone, with a few close friends, or even a larger crowd. Generally speaking, once you return home, you feel refreshed and energized. You might not really think much of it, but camping is actually a very healthy activity. I recently discovered 8 amazing health benefits that may actually be behind the feel-good aura.

Below follows more details on how camping can have a positive impact on your health in a number of ways.

Fresh Air

This is the first thing you’ll notice about your camping trip. Far away from civilization, the air is cleaner and pollution-free. Camping is likely to take you to places where there are a lot of plants, shrubs, and trees. These green friends are great at producing an oxygen-rich environment. Fresh, oxygen-rich air is great for your overall wellbeing.

Reduced Stress Levels

When you’re camping, you’re generally very far away from things that stress you out. Deadlines, work problems, strained relationships are all miles away. The relief from this stress is almost tangible. Most likely there won’t be any cellular service, so your smartphones won’t work either. Take this opportunity to marvel at nature’s wonders, which is some of the best therapy in the world.

More Exercise

Camping gives you a lot more exercise than you usually get during your daily routine. Obviously, you’re not only going there to sleep in a tent. You are bound to do some strenuous activity, like setting up camp, collecting firewood, hiking, and more. Exercise is always good for your health, and the fresh air helps to make you feel even better.

Better Sleep Quality

If you want to fix your circadian rhythm, you need to go camping right away. Your circadian rhythm is your body’s natural clock. It tells you when to go to sleep and when to wake up. Nature’s yellow light triggers melatonin production, making you sleepy at the right times. And the relaxing quiet makes for a more restful sleep than in the city.

Clearer Sunshine

You don’t get enough sunlight if you live in densely populated areas. Then there’s also your routine. If you’re in the office for most of the daylight hours, you could develop a Vitamin D deficiency. Sunlight is a natural source of Vitamin D, and there’s plenty of it when you’re camping. Soak up the sun for a healthier glow.

Healthier Food

When you’re camping, you’re bound to eat healthily. Or at least healthier than you do in your everyday routine. There aren’t going to be any fast food joints or pizza delivery services in the wilderness. Look to find food from your environment, like fishing. Or you could prepare a simple barbecue for everyone to enjoy. Just don’t pack chips or snacks. Its all about healthy living in the wild.

Depression Relief

Nature has an almost instant mood alleviation. This happens due to a number of reasons. You’re absorbing essential nutrients better thanks to the sunlight. You’re eating healthier. You’re more relaxed in nature’s domain. And of course, the oxygen-rich environment does its part too. Physical exertion helps generate endorphins, which contribute to helping you feel better.

Improved Memory

If you feel rejuvenated and more productive at work after you return from a camping trip, there’s a very good reason for this. Nature trips help improve your memory and concentration. Since your mind isn’t clouded, its easier to remember tasks. Better mineral absorption also helps improve your memory and retention.

I have always found a camping trip is the best way to jump out of a rut. If you’ve been feeling blue lately, stressed out or even just tired, maybe a camping trip is in order. A few days with just nature around you can do wonders for you when you come back to the land of Frontier phone services. Plan out your camping trip beforehand though. If you know some great camping spots, be sure to share them in the comments below.

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