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Types of Items you can Bring to a Scrap Metal Recycling Center




Why toss things in the bin and not reuse or recycle them? Moreover, when it can get that extra cash from the old household items, what’s the harm?

We have prepared a list of household items that you can quickly sell in the local yards for scrap metal collection Sydney.

Types of items you can recycle

Bottles and cans

Loads of bottles are thrown in the dustbins every day. Look around you – ask your neighbors and friends to keep the cans and bottles for you, collect them, drive to the local scrap yards, and get cash for your next party within 45 minutes.


Many households use batteries to backup electric supply during a power failure. They are heavy but when no more useful, instead of stocking in your house you can sell it off for a few dollars.

Batteries also include car batteries and laptop batteries. When you go to recycle your laptop, make sure that you take out the battery, as many scrap yards require to remove it before recycling.

Car batteries pay the best, and you can also sell them to the company’s outlets. Compare the price that the scrap yards and the manufacturers offer you and make your choice.

Stainless steel sink

One of the items that you regularly use in the kitchens is stainless steel sinks. You can remove them conveniently and take your local shop for reselling. To attract reasonable price, do not take it with other materials and keep aside components like plastic, which impacts the weight. If possible, clean the sink and use a magnet to check. 

Brass faucets

Another thing that is usually found with the sink is a brass faucet. Separate it and take it to your local scrap yard. Once again, if the brass faucets have any plastic pieces on them, remove them if you want to get the best price for them.

Ink cartridges

Most of us use printers at home for convenience, and the number of ink cartridges we use is countless. There is no binding on the number of cartridges you can recycle every month, but on the first month, you will only receive points for ten cartridges. You can reuse these points for enjoying different types of perks and discounts.

Copper pipes and tubes

Most of the water pipes in your house are made up using copper tubes, and seldom they will have brass fixtures affixed. You can find them with your sinks or bathroom fixtures.

So, next time you are planning to renovate your house, especially your kitchen or bathroom, keep aside the copper pipes and tubes. Take them to your local shop yards like in Blacktown for selling it as scrap metal, and they will be happy to pay you a good price.

Electronic items

Starting from your fans, to computers, laptops, AC, rechargeable batteries, cellphone, and circuit boards, everything can help you to earn some extra cash at the scrap yards.

Even if the item is broken or it has damage due to fall in the water, scrap metal recyclers will accept them. The ones in usable condition are refurbished, and the rest are disposed of more responsibly to protect the environment.  

Aluminum utensils

Can you believe that your old unused aluminum pots and pans can also get you to cash quickly?

Yes, aluminum is another recycled metal. So, if you can collect unused utensils, take them to recycling shops and earn easy cash.

Mini transformers

Generally, you will find the mini transformers in your cellphones, cameras, and different electronic chargers. These small black boxes which look useless when your primary product is not usable, but it can be worth some money if you sell to the recycling shops. 

The small copper transformer inside that box is removed and scrapped. If you gather a good number of them, to get the best price, rip off the plastic and sell the copper wire only.