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7 Perilous Apps For Kids That All Parents Should Know About

Teenagers enjoy using new apps and software. But a few apps can threaten your kids’ safety. Here is the list of such dangerous apps that parents should be well-aware of.



Today’s kids enjoy a virtual world like never before! Using various digital screens all day long is every teen’s habit. On top of it, there are always new apps and software that keep on coming in the market. Nowadays our kids are obsessed with talk to stranger apps.

While parents are clueless about such apps, adolescents enjoy one-on-one chat platforms across the globe. Do you know which apps your kids are using in their devices?

Here we bring a list of apps that are dangerous for your child. And as parents, you should be well-aware of these apps.

Omegle Video Chat

Is Omegle safe for children? Let’s know how the app works!

Omegle chat is a notorious app that connects two strangers and offers a one-on-one chat platform. Users can text or video chat with strangers for free with this app.

Additionally, these chats are kept anonymous. There is no strict age verification or registration policy. Any 13+-year-old child can use the app with parents’ consent.

Omegle for kids can be very risky. Online predators, cyberbullies and many hackers use this platform to con the child. Is Omegle safe for teens? No!

Many psychopaths share porn, adult content, graphical nudity, etc on Omegle. Omegle for the child is a deadly step that can ruin your child’s online image.

Yubo (Formerly known as Yellow)

Yubo is a free-to-use social networking platform that enables users to make new online friends. It is another talk to the stranger category app that fascinates users with the idea of anonymous chat.

Additionally, the app has no actual age restriction policy. Recommended for 17+, users can easily create an account on it. Swiping left means being friends with a stranger and swiping right will just pass the profile.

But the app is ill-famed for sexting, cybercrimes and adult content. Don’t you think this app can intimidate your child’s safety?


It is another random video chat app (similar to Chatroulette) that offers a one-on-one chat platform across the globe. The unique feature of the app is, it allows users to talk like a pair if a user has a friend that uses the Holla app.

One can sign up and verify his account with Facebook or mail. Users can voice chat or video calls a stranger using this online dating app.

As they describe- you can swipe the app to meet new people or match love! Are adolescents safe with such types of fantasies?NO!

Like all other online chat apps, Holla is also a predator’s playground. Many hackers and cyberbullies use such an app to trap innocent kids.

Do you think youngsters are safe on such anonymous platforms?


It is a photo/image sharing app with fashionable filters. Many funky filters add colors, masks and other fun elements to the photo.

Many snap chatters became the victim of online predators and cyberbullies because their photos were available on Snapchat. The platform is very easy to hack and data leak is also possible.

Also, any teenager can easily cheat the age verification feature of the app by entering an incorrect birthdate. Child monitoring is inevitable when your child is using any of these apps.

Aaha Chat

One more talk to a stranger app on our list is Aaha Chat! As the app describes, it is an Online Kids Chat Room App.

A user can instantly chat with another user from the USA, Australia, Canada, and the UK. Even under 13 youngsters can use the app to video chat.

However, the app is a breeding ground for many cybercrimes. Parents should use child monitoring apps to secure their kids from such inappropriate apps.


After Omegle for kids, Kik is another app every parent should know about. With this app, kids can send text messages (for free) but it won’t show up as texts.

The app enables strangers to get in touch with each other just by their usernames. Why should parents worry about Omegle for kids or Kik for teenagers?

Given these points, parents should also note that Kik is reported as a cause of the murder of a Slain -a 13-year-old girl in 2016.


Whisper permits youngsters to share chats anonymously and receive replies. Users can post information that is presented as text superimposed over an image, similar to greeting cards.

Why Whisper or any other online chat apps risky? Well, as stated above the anonymous chat can be a source of many cybercrimes. Whisper is all about posting “secrets” that encourages a high level of openness.

And, sharing secrets to strangers is very risky. Sexting, hacking and bullying are also common on Whisper.

Alarmed after knowing all such apps? There are many more! And the most fearful fact is some apps can hide the apps. Yes!

Your teen can use any of these apps and then can hide it with a suitable hide-my-app-category tool.

How can you protect kids from such talk-to-stranger apps? Use a kids’ safety app that monitors your child’s online life. You can supervise your child remotely by using parental control apps.

To sum up, let’s take a child’s online life seriously and protect our kids from Omegle or any other online chat apps.