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7 Ideas to Get Married for Less



There are a few tips that can make your wedding look as gorgeous as you planned for but at a less price. Doesn’t that sound too good to be true! Yes, indeed that is a fact, only if the planning is done strategically and smartly. You might be smart enough to plan and execute all by yourself but it is always better to depend on the experts like a budget wedding planner.


To make this even better, we have come up with few pointers that will help you save on your wedding cost while not compromising on the grandeur of your event. Yes, the money you will save can always be spent on a hundred other things including your international honeymoon trip. The best of all the event management companies in Kolkata will come as a saviour with implementing these simple tips. Know them now, apply them to your wedding planning, and you can always thank us later.

Start saving from the time of Planning:

Just give yourself at least a year before you finally take a call to which venue to book and who will be your decorator. Whether it is about the make-up artist or the photographer, always take time to decide and plan much before the final day. A good budget wedding planner in Kolkata is always busy, so you need to book one of them beforehand. Last moment booking might cost you tons, as all the venues, caterers, photographers, make-up artists, and all are already overloaded with contracts. Block them much before the day to get a good deal on a correct budget.

Your heaven for a day – 

You know what we are referring to. Yes, your wedding venue has to be decided and booked prior to the D-day. Once you are ready to tie the knot, fix the date & the venue for that date. The same venue but booking prior can save a lot. Better to chose a place a bit away from the city but equally gorgeous. If you are not aware of such places, it is always suggested to appoint one of the event management companies in Kolkata. The professionals have much better knowledge than anyone else about such venues out of the city yet close to it.

Eat right & spend right – 

The best way to please your guests is through serving great foods on the table. But to be honest, we all know that plate costs are extremely high nowadays. In order to cut unnecessary cost, you can always get a menu that is filled with delicacies but the items are not much prolonged. Keep it minimal and classy. If you are not an expert in deciding what the guests will like most, always opt for professional help from a budget wedding planner in Kolkata. They are quite aware of what you need and what your guests will love. A balance is maintained between your budget and the grand presentation by the event management companies in Kolkata. Once you book a professional, they will help you with the caterer and prior booking can make you save on your wedding budget, a big time.

Get clicked by the best & save the rest –

Who doesn’t wish to look fabulous on her/his wedding day?
But if it takes away most of your wedding budget, then it is no way a good thing to cherish. You can always save on your photography budget with a smart planning. The best photographers in the town are attached to the top event management companies in Kolkata.
So, once you book an event planner, book the photographer right at that moment.

Save in what you choose to put on:

Whether it is your wedding dress or the makeup, you can save much if chosen smartly. Smart planning is best done by the professionals. It is thus, suggested to select a budget wedding planner in Kolkata before anything else.

Wedding dress has to be the best –

It is easy to lose control when you buy your wedding attire, but let’s be practical. Always choose a dress from not so popular store, better get it designed personally. The stylists working with the top event management companies in Kolkata are quite aware of what and where to choose from.

Hairdo & make-up to woo the groom –

Hey you gorgeous, your beauty needs enhancement in order to make your groom go crazy over you. But spending a lot on that isn’t a good idea. Book your make-up artist much prior. If you are choosing a budget wedding planner in Kolkata then you can get the artist instantly and that can solve half of your issues.

In order to make the wedding a gala event, you need not get bankrupt. There are few ways through which saving on wedding budget gets easy. But the easiest one is to choose one of the best event management companies. You can convey your budget to them or even better is that you choose a budget wedding planner in Kolkata and leave the entire tension on their shoulders.