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Tips to Keep Your Car Safe While You Are Away



Safety in airport car parking is the prime concern and there are ways in which you can achieve this seemingly unachievable feat. You will come across different parking options when you arrive at any airport, right from unsecured and independent car parking facilities to the most sophisticated, secured and covered ones. Well, there are different reasons why you should only rely on airport car parks and not independent ones, though the airport car parking facility will not have security arrangements at par inside the terminal. However, independent car parks are more unsafe than these airport car parks as it will typically have poor lights, lack of security gates and staff along with other dubious features.


Feature to Look for Airport Car Parking 

Therefore, it is elementary that you know and looks for the features that make an airport car parking safe. The features include:

  • CCTV Cameras – This feature will ensure that your car is monitored 24/7 eliminating the chances of theft as well as vandalism.
  • Security Patrols – Most airport car parks will have dedicated security staff that will constantly patrol the parking facility day or night.
  • Proper Lighting Conditions – Make sure you choose a parking facility that is well lit. This will not only reduce the chances of theft but will also be clearly visible to the onlookers, security staffs, and CCTV cameras as well.
  • Security Gates – If there are security gates for checking in then the chances of theft are pretty slim.
  • Valets – Many car parks have valet parking which eliminates easy access to any passersby.
  • Photo Identification – Several reliable and reputable parking facilities even have photo identification while picking vehicles.

Therefore, keep these features in mind next time when you are looking to park your car in an airport.

Preparation of The Car 

It is also important from your part to prepare your car for safety reasons before you leave it in the airport car parking facility. Here are five important tips to prepare your car for airport parking:

  • Check the tires – It must have proper pressure to avoid flat spots for sitting too long, especially during the cold winter months.
  • Top up the gas – This will eliminate the trip to the gas station when you return. This is essentially required for late night returns and for a jet-lagged family. It is also wise to add a fuel stabilizer to the tank to prevent oxidizing of the gas if you are away for a long period.
  • Oil and wiper fluids – Change and fill the oil tank making sure that the leaks, if any, are fixed. Apart from that, topping off the windshield wiper fluid will be very helpful to wipe away the dust or debris.
  • Leave it clean – Do not leave any leftover food or drinks, recycle all papers that you do not need but remember to retain the parking receipt. A prior car wash is a good idea.
  • Remove valuables – Needless to say, your valuables may not be safe in the safest of parking lots.  Therefore, leave these at home. Do not leave car insurance card and registration behind.
  • Use covered parking – Though it costs more, these are safer to keep your car protected from natural damages.
  • Disconnect the battery – This will ensure that there is no power drain, especially in long-term airport car parking. 

Therefore, it is up to you to choose the airport car parking place wisely. You will be better off if you choose a covered parking even if you must walk a distance with your luggage. This is better than the open-air parking space available near the exit doors of the terminal as you never know what will be the weather condition while you are gone.