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6 Twitter Marketing Secrets You Need to Follow Right Now



6 Twitter Marketing Secrets You Need to Follow Right Now

Social media marketing is extremely powerful when used correctly. There are so many sites to get used to, but Twitter is one of the favourites. And it makes sense because it is so easy to get signed up to and start using. So, how do you use it effectively? Here are six Twitter marketing secrets that you need to follow right now.

Make Your Content Valuable

People don’t want to click to find out you have a 100 word blog post about how your day has been. They’re just not interested in that sort of thing because it’s not useful for them. People want to click links that take them to videos, articles or blog posts that help them with a problem or answer their burning questions.

Make sure any content you share is valuable to your readers. Think about your target audience, and make sure everything is geared specifically towards them. The best thing to do is create a persona and do everything with that persona in mind.

Hashtags are Your Friend

Hashtags need to be used, but you want to avoid using too many. One or two in one tweet is more than enough. Any more than that and your tweets are really hard to read and they don’t offer value to your readers.

The whole point of hashtags is to collect your tweet in searches. People are more likely to search for a hashtag to see if there is anything new that interests them. By using the tags, you’re going to pop up in those searches.

Search for What People Want

What type of content do people actually want? You can do that by checking out keyword phrases that people are using on Google. There are high chances that people are using social media sites for that content too. Once you get to know the type of stuff that people want to see and read, you can create the content for them.

Retweet Content from Others

You can’t just share your own content. It’s all about being sociable on Twitter and other similar sites. Share content that others are sharing, which is really easy through the retweetretweet function. You can also connect to your network by discussing things with them and sharing your own links with them directly.

The benefit of retweeting others’ content is that you show you’re generous and helpful. You also give your followers something that they want, without just rehashing content that is already online. This generosity often leads to the others retweeting something that you’ve shared online.

Build Relationships with Others

This links into the Twitter marketing tip above. You need to build relationships and networks on the site. As soon as someone connects with you or you connect with them, send them a tweet to say why you’re following or introduce yourself. If they’ve followed you, thank them for it.

You can also share something that you found helpful in a blog post they’ve shared, or ask for information about something in particular. It doesn’t take too long to build and maintain these relationships.

Buying Followers

There are people who now buy followers to improve their Twitter marketing. You want to think carefully about this. Buying bot followers is against the terms of service on the site, and isn’t that helpful for your promotion. Sure, your numbers look good but you’re not going to get the retweets and connections that you really want. It’s important to buy real Twitter followers. While there’s still no guarantee that they’ll share posts, at least there is more of a chance.

Use the above Twitter marketing tips to your advantage. You will soon get more followers, more readers and more sales.

Priya is a Technical SEO and Inbound Marketing Specialist He specializes in search engine marketing and Digital Marketing, having managed online marketing campaigns for clients from large Businesses to small businesses.