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6 Tips for Finding the Perfect Gift Every Time



Buying gifts for your friends and loved ones should be a joyous experience. Gift-giving should make both parties feel good, but often the buyer finds the whole experience quite stressful. Some people are just very difficult to buy gifts for; they are either very selective about the type of gifts that they want, or they never give you any guidance on what to buy beyond ‘anything’.

The good news is that with a little guidance, it is relatively simple to formulate a gift buying strategy that produces the desired result every time. Gift giving doesn’t have to be difficult; you just need to know how to make any gift you give shine.

If you’re the kind of person who has so far relied on blind luck with their gifts, buying the first thing you see on offer rather than taking the time to properly consider the present, this guide is for you. These tips will help you to narrow down your gift searches and lead you to the ideal gift every single time.

Give the Gift in Style

There are a number of ways that you can give a gift to someone else. You can just hand over the gift, unwrapped and exposed, or you can package it using premium quality paper or a special gift box. By opting for high quality packaging, you can make any gift feel a lot more luxurious than it actually is. The more intricate you can make the packaging and the gift giving, the more of an impact it is likely to have.

As well as taking the premium price route, you can also opt to make your gift-giving more interesting by being creative with it. You could hide your gift as the prize in a scavenger hunt that you set for the recipient. Unwrapping gifts should be fun, so do everything you can to make sure that it is.

Give them an Experience

A great way of giving your loved one a gift that they won’t forget is to give them an experience rather than an item. The experience could be a gig, tickets to a play, a driving lesson, a flying lesson, a tour of a landmark – anything you like! Experiences might be over in a relatively short space of time, but they will stay with the recipient for a long time afterwards.

An experience can be something that the recipient has always wanted to do but never had the opportunity. Alternatively, it might be something novel that they otherwise would never have considered. Make sure you think carefully about the kind of experience that would be the most significant to the recipient in question.

Think About What Makes the Recipient Unique

Finding the right gift for the right person requires you to have an understanding of the person that you are buying for. The better you know the person, the easier it will be for you to think like them and decide how much they will enjoy a particular experience. One of the best ways of getting into their head and working out what they will like is to think about what makes them unique.

This could be a particular personality trait, a job, or anything else that sets the recipient apart from everyone else you know. Finding a gift that speaks to the passions of the recipient is much more likely to make a significant impact on them and stay with them forever. For example, if the recipient has served in the military, a custom challenge coin from ChallengeCoins4Less might be the perfect gift for them. These challenge coins are a fantastic way of commemorating a life spent in military service.

List Their Interests

As well as considering what makes your recipient unique as an individual, you should also think about their general interests, the things that they spend most of their free time on. Buying a present that reinforces their enjoyment of these activities is more likely to be used and appreciated in their day to day lives. Take the time to think carefully about what aspects of their personality and their lifestyle are most useful for deciding on a gift.

Take a couple of minutes to make sure that you have covered all of their interests. After you have done this, brainstorm gift ideas that speak to each interest. Be on the lookout for any gift ideas that can appeal to more than one of their interests at once, as these gifts will have even more of an impact.

Look to Their Past

Some of the best gifts you can give are those that appeal to who people were rather than who they are. For example, someone who is originally from somewhere far away may well appreciate a gift that has relevance to their original home.

Alternatively, they might just be into retro gifts, in which case you can find old games consoles available very cheap – these are great for taking gamers back to their childhoods!

Think of Practical Gifts

Some people prefer a practical gift to a sentimental one. If you are buying for someone who prioritizes practicality above all else, make sure that you consider what gifts you can give that they will find useful, not just enjoyable. Think about their hobbies, interests and profession, and then make a list of the kind of items that people who do these things find useful.

Once you start thinking about practical gift ideas, you will realize just how many of them there are out there. You will have no shortage of potential practical gifts to choose from, so make sure that you carefully consider each item on your list in order to find the one that is going to make for the best present.

Buying gifts can sometimes be a chore. However, when it is done properly, gift giving is just as enjoyable for the buyer as it is for the recipient. The key to good gift giving is to be willing to take some time to put thought into your gift ideas. The more thought you put into your gift search, the more it will be appreciated by the recipient.

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