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6 Steps to Help Your New Company Take Off

The pandemic has changed the way we function and it still has been affecting almost all aspects of our lives. Here is how you can help your new company succeed from the start.




The pandemic has changed the way we function and it still has been affecting almost all aspects of our lives.

In case you were planning to start your new business, you probably wondered how you can introduce your new company to the world that’s on the lockdown. The strict measures imposed on us make it hard for a new business to get the attention it needs. Without proper marketing techniques, your business could experience near-term negative effects and long-term consequences if our new reality sticks longer.

Just to be clear, the travel restrictions and quarantines could affect your new business – you may not have a sufficient number of customers you need for the business to take off. However, the internet is still at your disposal and could be your strongest weapon. Here is how you can help your new company succeed from the start:

1. Know your key audience

Before you give yourself into your new business, you must identify who your key audience is on the market. Almost half of businesses fail because they lack end users. In other words, your product or service is of no use if there aren’t people who want to pay for it.

You need to understand completely who will be your target customers so that you can create content and marketing directed towards them.

2. Create the right website

Your website is the home of your business, especially in the time of the pandemic when few people are ready to expose themselves to unnecessary visits to shops. It is a virtual store where you demonstrate everything you have to offer and where you have complete control, so make sure it’s of high quality.

Don’t overcomplicate things with hundreds of pages but make your website highly user-friendly – your target customers must know their way around your website so that they want to see spend a lot of time on it. Bear in mind that your website is probably the only connection right now between your products/services and the customers, so it must be clear, attractive, and highly informative.

3. Go strong with social profiles

Apart from your website, you need to make your way on every major social media platform even if you don’t plan on using all of them right away. Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Snapchat have various types of audiences, so decide which social networks apps you want to focus on first. If you direct your resources on the right platforms, you could increase your engagement and achieve higher visibility. From then on, it’s easier to claim other platforms and expand your influence because you are already present there.

In the beginning, it will be easy for just one person to handle one or two social media platforms – probably you. Of course, this means you need to educate yourself on social media marketing – it’s the most effective form of marketing during the pandemic when most people sit at their homes. However, as you grow bigger, you should probably delegate some of the platforms to other people. 

4. Be original

So as not to get lost among all the similar sites with similar products, you have to stand out with your unique ideas and offers. You won’t make it by doing what everybody else is doing, especially while being confined mostly to the online world.

For example, you can be original by organizing virtual events – people have been hungry for events since the pandemic started but it is hardly achievable right now. So, it would be a cool move to organize an online event with the help of professionals such as Veritas Events. That way, you could make people believe they are almost at the actual event, having fun with others, and exploring your business. Virtual events are the future so get ahead of everybody else with a unique theme for your event.

5. Engage and be interactive

It’s not enough to just be present on social media – your target audience and other site visitors want to feel you want to connect with them on a personal level. Otherwise, they will lose interest and turn their back on you.

In other words, you need to be quick at responding to their inquiries and suggestions. If you respond within two hours at least, more than a third of customers are likely to finalize the purchase. What’s more, more than 40% of customers will recommend you to their friends and family if you were there for them.

On the other hand, failing to respond to a customer’s inquiry will result in negative marketing and you most likely won’t get that customer back. Plus, the word of mouth can be both a good and a bad thing.

Interaction is great if you do it through videos – they are engaging and highly effective – more than any other content medium. So, create promo videos and share them on social media platforms to connect with the audience more easily.

6. Unique and engaging content

People all over the world now spend most of their days at home, surfing online and reading interesting articles and visiting attractive websites.

What does this mean for your business? Well, you need to level up your game regarding the content you present to your target audience. The content needs to relate to a very specific audience to really affect. In the end, most of the customers learn more about a business and it’s products/services through content, not ads.

So, consider blogs – they are inexpensive and they can reach the right people very easily. They are a strong marketing technique that many large businesses use. If you make an effort with the content you put on your blog, you will most likely notice increased search-engine traffic, improve your conversion rates, and build your reputation. It’s a great way to build your brand and establish it, especially because you have full control of what can be put on your blog.

Bottom line

The pandemic may have disrupted many aspects of our lives but your new business doesn’t have to suffer. With the right tools and plan, your business can start successfully and thrive even if it is confined to the virtual world for now.

Neil is an automotive&travel journalist from Sydney, Australia. Combining journalism with traveling and cars was his intention since he was a kid. Huge soccer fan.