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5 QR code marketing tricks that can add a competitive edge to your restaurants



5 QR code marketing tricks that can add a competitive edge to your restaurants

Restaurant sales are largely dependent on the mood of the consumers. Most consumers, specifically millennials, display a diverse purchase behavior when it comes to the food they eat in a day. The constantly varying tastes and preferences of consumers make it extremely difficult for marketers and restaurant owners to send the right offers at the right time. Also, the ambiance of the restaurants, the level to which the restaurant is updated with technology, and the overall experience provided by the restaurants are major deciding factors of whether a consumer will return to your restaurant or not.

Therefore, it is essential for restaurants to deliver the right offers and the right kind of experiences that differentiate them from their competitors. Here are 5 QR code marketing tricks you can easily replicate using dynamic QR codes that will help you gain competitive advantage:

1. Virtual kitchen tour:

Take your customers on a virtual tour of the kitchen and let them watch the chef prepare their food live right from their restaurant table where they sit back and enjoy the ambiance of your restaurant. A unique experience that keeps the customers engaged even if they arrive at the restaurant alone. 

You can achieve this using dynamic QR codes linked to a live video of the restaurant’s kitchen. All you have to do is to place the QR codes on each restaurant table and it leads the customers to the live video when they scan the QR code

2. Attractive yet informative menu cards:

Add customized QR codes to your menu card to make them look more visually appealing and link them to nutritional information on each dish. Most modern customers being health conscious are extremely selective of what and how much they consume in a day. Helping them understand the nutritive value of the food you deliver is a brilliant way of gaining trust and building a loyal customer base.

3. Let your customers place an order right from their mobile phone:

This is a simple yet effective trick that will help you save the time of your customers as well as yourself. You can prevent the customer’s time being wasted from waiting in long queues for placing an order or having to wait for the server to come and record their order. All you have to do is place dynamic QR codes on the menu that allow your customers place an order instantly with a scan and choose to either take-away their food, get it delivered at home or right at their restaurant table based on their preference.

4. Allow consumers to use your WiFi with just the scan of a QR code:

Asking for the WiFi password and waiting for it to be given to you by one of the representatives each time you enter a restaurant is quite a troublesome task that most people would like to avoid. Placing a QR code at the entrance of the restaurant that allows customers to connect to your restaurant’s WiFi as soon as they enter your restaurant is a sure shot trick for gaining the attention of the customer segment consisting of college/university students.

5. Place QR codes on display windows to ensure your promotion doesn’t stop even when your restaurant is closed:

Placing QR codes on the display window and entrance door of your restaurant can help you promote the place even when it is closed. You can drive customers to the schedule of your restaurants, happy hour menu and discount offers for low traffic hours and much more that compel the customers to come back to the restaurant when it is open.