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3 Ideas For Wall Art That is Personal To You



There are so many prints to choose from when it comes to buying a piece of artwork. You could pick an iconic print, like the portrait of Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara or even Uncle Sam’s recruitment poster for the US Army. You could choose one of the many iconic film posters, like the shark diving out of the water in Jaws or the bicycle riding past the moon in ET. The only problem is all of these are so popular you’ll find the exact same prints in lots of different homes around the world. If you’re looking for a piece of artwork that is a little more unique, here are three ideas for wall art that is personal to you. 

Make something that reminds you of a memory

The best kinds of artwork are the ones that remind you of a happy memory. It could be the moment you met your partner, got married, became a parent or even just a really enjoyable day that you want to remember for ever. If it’s a personal event, you might not want to share images of it with every single person who enters your home. It might even be that you don’t have a photo from that day as you didn’t realise the significance of it until much later. If either of these are the case, create a custom print that simply gives a nod to the time or place where that event happened. For example, the website Craft & Oak allows you to create a custom city map of your favourite location in the world. They even allow you to create a poster of the exact constellation of the starts in the sky on whatever night you want to remember. Both of these are great ways to remember that all important moment. 

Make the inside joke

Another way of making sure you get a unique piece of artwork is to print out a quote that you find hilarious, but many other people might not remember. It might be something your favourite comedian or sitcom character once said that really stuck with you. It could even be something that one of your friends and family once said. Whatever it is, it’ll remind you of that funny moment and could also get visitors racking their brains to think where they’ve heard that phrase before. 

Get someone else to make it for you

If you really want a unique piece of artwork, then ask your friends or family to help you make one from scratch. Buy a canvas and some art supplies and ask them to do whatever they like with them. If you’ve got small children in your family, putting their hand in paint or ink and leaving a print on the canvas will be a great reminder of the fun you had together when they were young. If your friends are a little older, why not give them marker pens and ask them to come up with a unique doodle or message that will make you smile every time you look at it.

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