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11 Steps Involved in Organising an Elegant Farm Wedding

There are several reasons why couples enjoy getting married on a farm or in a converted barn. For many, it’s a means of expressing their desire to include nature in their union. Most if not all farm wedding venues are located “off the beaten track”.




There are several reasons why couples enjoy getting married on a farm or in a converted barn. For many, it’s a means of expressing their desire to include nature in their union. Most if not all farm wedding venues are located “off the beaten track”. However, this is the attraction that couples are now seeking in today’s market. The wide-open spaces and clean air are just two of the numerous advantages of having your nuptials on a farm.

Some people like the freedom these rustic venues offer compared to a hotel or church in the city. Others see farms as a romantic location for exchanging their vows.

For millennials, the paramount requirement is the pleasurable experience that a rustic venue will almost certainly guarantee. They will also be able to capture every moment in photographs and videos. Imagine posting a photo on Instagram of you and your beloved walking in a golden field of barley. Every picture can tell a memorable story in time.

In fact, did you know that even a rustic atmosphere can be transformed into a stylish wedding experience? It may take a little effort, but the results are well worth it. If you would like to add some style to your farm wedding, don’t hesitate to ask your wedding planner. You could also follow these tips to transform your wedding day into an event that people will remember with fondness forever.

1.  Dress for the event

While you can adopt casual attire for your big day, nothing is stopping you from turning your farm wedding into an elegant affair. You could even choose a vintage wedding theme. For example, men could wear bow ties or suspenders. And you could also include hats as part of the wedding outfit.

As for transport, a horse and carriage, an early 20th-century car or even a 1950s’ pick-up truck can provide vintage chic for the occasion. Several farm venues are able to provide one or all of these modes of wedding transport. They can also come in handy when you want to exchange your vows in a local church first.

2.  Transform ordinary farm items into wedding decor

Turn on your creative juices by introducing everyday farming implements to your wedding. Talk to your coordinator to see whether they can include some of the farm’s fresh foliage and flowers in your ceremony or reception. Some even have the ingenious idea of converting seed packets into fancy escort cards.

As for table centrepieces, you can add other organic elements besides flowers. A bowl of fruit and vegetables can enhance the positive rustic feeling of your event. For example, artichokes and figs are often used to brighten up a farm centrepiece.

If your wedding venue is a working farm, you may wish to incorporate the animals into the event. If done correctly, photographs with farm animals in the background can make your wedding popular on both Instagram and Pinterest.

3.  Give your ceremony or reception a breath of fresh air

While barns are a very suitable location for a wedding ceremony, you can also opt to exchange your vows in a beautiful garden. Being surrounded by blossoming flowers can provide a symbolic affirmation of your love.

Many farms offer suitable and ample space for indoor receptions. However, nothing beats the experience of an outside wedding party. If the weather permits, you can even arrange an outdoor event for your evening activities. Dining and dancing underneath the stars is an experience you and your guests will cherish forever.

Since most of these farm wedding venues are miles away from any neighbours, you can enjoy the music and dance until the wee hours of the morning.

4.  Consider adopting a ‘less is better’ attitude for your menu

To enhance the rustic experience, consider designing a menu that primarily consists of food harvested from farms. The choice can then range from fruit and vegetables to meat and dairy. Some working farms will also be able to provide their fresh produce for your menu. You can then serve these delicacies using traditional elements such as vintage glassware. This type of food design can enhance the feel of a farm wedding but with a modern touch at the same time. Farm food is not only healthy, but it also provides some much needed energy to the newlyweds.

That being said, the menu will ultimately depend on you and your guests’ likes and dislikes. Consider consulting the farm venue manager to see if there is any local fare that can be added to your menu.

5.  Include appropriate antique items

Many of the barns used as wedding venues are steeped in history. While some modern renovations have been introduced to preserve the structures, most still retain their old architecture. Imagine staying in a centuries-old building – what a treat!

Consider obtaining suitably vintage items such as mirrors or perfume trays and including them as part of the wedding decor. They will provide an extra elegant touch to your joyful ceremony. If you intend to add some metallic element to your event, make sure that it still has a unique appeal.

For personal wear, pocket watches will look stylish on the groom and his entourage. You could also consider introducing an old-world clothing theme to the wedding. While this type of attire creates a casual look, it also reminds people of a once-upon-a-time age of aristocracy and class.

6.  The barn is your canvas and you are the artist

Many farm venues have barns that can accommodate both the wedding ceremony and the ensuing reception. They are usually well insulated from the weather and offer an atmosphere that’s conducive to a special wedding party. Also, unlike other venues, you can personalise the theme.

At Crockwell Farm, a barn is a blank canvas that you can decorate to your heart’s delight. Often, farm venues will provide essential wedding items such as chairs and tables. However, you still have enough artistic freedom to decorate the barn to suit your personal taste. For example, you can introduce bands of delicate drape and other lavish materials. Such a setting will allow you to balance the rustic environment with your own brand of elegance.

Another elegant item you can incorporate is special lighting; for example, chandeliers. Their appearance can instantly turn a rustic barn into a stylish ballroom. Combined with a suitable shade of greenery, you can add even more romanticism to the day.

Before setting up the decor, make sure you inform the venue hosts about the materials you intend to use. They may even give you a hand putting up the decorations.

7.   Make use of the farm’s seasonal elements

The changing seasons can also provide memorable features for your wedding. For example, a ceremony in the autumn could include a mixture of figs and plums. As for colours, classic wedding neutrals can project a timeless nuptial event.

Don’t forget to include other traditional barn items such as wooden boxes or bales of hay in order to exude an authentic rustic feel. An autumn wedding can also include farm favourites such as recently harvested apples.

Every season can provide you with ideas on how to transform your wedding into a unique and stylish event. And remember, the spring and summer are very popular seasons to get married.

8.  Design your grand entrance

Designing the grand entrance to your wedding venue is an excellent way for you to emphasise your elegant style. For example, beautiful drapery and smartly arranged flowers can help make your barn entrance stand out. Meanwhile, a garden ceremony requires an exceptional entrance. These images will be the ones that your guests will remember the most. A perfect entrance will also provide you with photo opportunities that will form part of your treasured memories.

9.  Consider foregoing the alcohol

Cocktails and alcoholic beverages have always been traditional offerings at weddings. However, some of your guests may prefer to drink something else. So give them the option of non-alcoholic drinks such as fruit juice. Fortunately, some wedding caterers have come up with their own alcohol-free concoctions. One such drink is called a ‘mocktail’, which can contain syrup infused with fresh herbs such as rosemary or thyme, garnished with a fresh sprig of mint.

Ultimately, the decision not to serve alcohol is yours, but it may disappoint any guests who are not expecting a ‘dry’ celebration. If you’re unsure, supplying both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks is the way to go.

10.  Make plans for the golden hour

The best time for outdoor cocktails is sunset. This evening setting will provide an air of sophistication and furnish your guests with fabulous memories that will stay with them forever. If this is your ideal experience, ask the venue coordinators if they can arrange a suitable location.

11.  Add some customised signage

Customised signage is not part of the traditional farm nuptials but it would add a touch of modernism to the event. These contemporary signs will still look elegant if you include some greenery and decorative flowers. Consult your wedding planner as they will be able to come up with some suitable signage.


Farm weddings are a growing trend because they bring people closer to nature while providing freedom of choice. While barn venues often present a rustic setting, with just a little effort they can be transformed into elegant affairs. Your choice of decor, wedding attire, and food will play a vital role in the success of your special day. The memory of your wedding will be imprinted on your mind and the fantastic photo opportunities will allow you to freeze your wonderful day forever.

Harriet Thame is the marketing head at Crockwell Farm, a venue specialising in barn weddings. She’s the organiser of Taster Evenings, where couples start the planning process after seeing Crockwell’s best features.