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The Favourite Locations of Destination Wedding Planners in Kolkata



The romantic sea beach or the adventurous mountains or maybe the mysterious forests – One can choose her favourite location for the most special day. Amidst the ‘Boundless’ nature, it will be amazing to see the couple taking their vows. If one is planning for the most gorgeous yet hassle-free wedding then you must choose a destination that reflects the couples’ personality. The best part is that the couple can make every bit of their special day memorable, without taking any stress of execution by simply entrusting a competent destination wedding planner the responsibility of the execution. Now let us check the beautiful destinations that one can choose for a grand destination wedding.

Beach Love:

The couple can make the most out of their wedding on a romantic beach. Leave the footprints on talc-soft sands as the couple can stroll along the shoreline. Experience the enigma hand in hand and let the romance flow with the beach breeze. The couple can even enjoy the morning wedding with the sun-drenched sea with shimmer and glitters all around just like a fairytale wedding. Indian wedding planners nowadays plan the most amazing beach wedding near Kolkata with all the pomp. Beaches can also be decorated with various fairy tale elements in order to make the love flow in the air on the most special day. One can choose Mandarmoni or Digha or Tajpur for their happily ever after location.
Mountains calling: The chilled-out wedding for the cool couple can be best planned in a mountain wedding destination by the destination wedding planner. The breath-taking backdrop and the exciting aura all around can make the couple drool over the beauty of nature. One can enjoy the magical love with the most serene ambience with the gorgeous planning and successful execution by one of the best destination wedding planners in Kolkata. They come up with amazing destination wedding themes for the best experience. The best part of such a wedding is that the couple can immediately go for a honeymoon and mountains are the best option for couples who trek. Make it the most amazing one with the gorgeous mountains in Darjeeling or Sikkim.

Palace creates history:

As modern Indian wedding planners suggest, make the love story embedded in the walls of the gorgeous palace by choosing a fort/palace as a wedding destination. Those in love with history can make their most special day the best day with a palatial wedding. Feel like a king and take wedding vows like an emperor in the most royal style. Let the wedding be an epitome of grandeur and pomp in the bedazzling pavilion of the fort/palace. Make sure that the destination wedding planner chosen must be best in planning a wedding out-of-the-box. The wedding rituals followed by a gala lunch or a monarchical dinner are sure to delight the guests and the couple can bag some true blessings.
Explore the mysterious forests: For the lovebirds, the forest is the best place to chirp their wedding vows. If the couple loves the mysterious aura surrounding the forest life, then choosing it as their wedding destination would be awesome. The secluded and picturesque clearings of the forest ambience can get the best wedding shoots for the couple and the guests. The serenity of nature and the wedding pheras amidst it, what a tribute to the couple’s love! The calm environment and the formidable wilderness of nature are sure to make the couple fall in love all over again. For the best outcome of a forest destination wedding, always choose an experienced Indian wedding planner. For a perfect forest destination wedding, one can choose Dooars or Jaldapara.
A Rustic touch of the countryside: Experience rustic humdrum in Indian countryside wedding. This can bring an away-from-the-town freshness. The magnificent countryside wedding can be the most romantic one for those who seek peace and tranquillity. The fairy-tale wedding can bring an added zeal to the entire event and is sure to awestruck the guests. Plan the happily ever after in the rustic lap of Mother Nature with one of the best destination wedding planners. Let the event be the most amazing one with a touch of simplicity and elegance.
Village brings simplicity: The lack of facilities in remote villages makes it difficult to arrange an elaborate wedding! To compensate for the inadequate facilities, an Indian wedding planner can be called upon to help with the required setup adding to the rustic charm. You may also go for a complete farmland setting but within the town itself. Village style banquets and eco-homes allow the couple to feel the earthy smell with a touch of nature’s serenity. No need to travel much for a village style wedding. Just choose an experienced destination wedding planner and just let the love flow.
Whatever might be the couple’s choice, it is vital to choose one of the best Indian wedding planners for a glamorous event altogether. Holydelights comes with exclusive destination wedding packages for every location near Kolkata. Let the experienced team take charge of the fairytale wedding and let the wedding bells ring aloud. And importantly, everything gets done without burning a hole in your pocket!


How To Find Schools For Wedding Planners



The most experienced and most successful wedding consultants are those who attended schools for wedding planners. Wedding planners, also known as event coordinators, help the bride and groom prepare and enjoy a hassle free wedding. They plan weddings, “day after” brunches, bridesmaid tea, rehearsal dinner and the other related events that make up the entire wedding experience.

A wedding planner understands and recommends all the intricate pieces that make up which special event according to the taste and style of the couple. They hire services such as wedding caterers, singers, musicians, decorators, photographers, videographers, etc.

They must also be able to handle emergency situations such as last minute lighting emergency, parking problems, etc. Wedding planners must be prepared to solve all sorts of problems efficiently and quickly. They give you current trends in wedding, new ideas, coordinate invitation companies, printers, caterers, florists, graphic designers, etc. They play a major role in organizing a wedding without any hassles.

Wedding Planner School

  • How does a wedding planner learn how to do all of these functions?
  • What exactly are the advantages taking wedding planner course?
  • Is a wedding planner certificate worthwhile?
  • Will having a wedding planner certificate enable me to make more money?
  • Where to get certificate for wedding planner?
  • Which is a better rated wedding planner school?

In order to learn all of these functions required in this profession and learn how to do them exceedingly well, you will need to work in this field and to get an education. The advantages are that you will more likely be hired as a wedding consultant if your have a certificate and training over someone who does not.

You can become a certified wedding planner if you undergo training programs organized by schools for wedding planner. Such schools offer diploma, certificates or degree programs in wedding planning and services to the students. Some of such schools are mentioned below:

Santa Ana College – Situated in Santa Ana, United States, this institution is conducting courses in wedding and quinceanera photography. The course work includes fundamental concepts in wedding, photographic techniques used in quinceanera or contemporary wedding, equipment demand, etc.

City College of San Francisco Continuing Education – This is an online course for certified wedding planner. The institute offers industry standard certificate examination for wedding planners. You can appear for this exam if you have a minimum two years experience in this field and should conduct at least four weddings during this period. The topics for examination include wedding facts, wedding etiquette, wedding business, general industry information, etc.

Other institutions for wedding planner schools:

  • San Diego City College (Wedding and event photography
  • Delaware County Community College (Professional wedding Planner)
  • Open Study College, UK (Wedding Planning and event management)
  • York Technical College, Rock Hill, US (Certificate course in wedding planning)
  • Lydias University, Kenya (Wedding planning workshop)
  • Liverpool Community College, UK (Designer wedding cake)
  • Sunshine Coast Institute of TAFE, Australia (Wedding planning for brides), etc.

Where to get Certificate for Wedding Planner

The demand for wedding planners is very high and all are seeking a certified wedding planner for managing their big day peacefully. If you wish to choose this as a profession, you must be able to handle numerous responsibilities and functions. A degree in wedding planner is enough for entering in this business. However, most of the aspirants for wedding planner jobs are not aware about from where to get wedding planner certification.

The American Association of Certified Wedding Planners (AACW) is providing wedding planner certification. This association is situated in Dallas, TX. You can seek a membership in this association if you are a certified or trained wedding planner. AACW conducts education meetings every month and annual certification courses and seminars. In order to maintain the certification, the members must attend four hours continuing education credits every year. According to AACW, students need to be trained under certified professionals for working as a certified wedding planner.

In order to get a certification from the American Association of Certified Wedding Planners, you must complete your education program from an accredited wedding planner school. You must also have two years of experience in the same field and must undertake at least three weddings during this period. Provide proof of business license, telephone, market plan, etc are also required. Provide proof of contract with two national wedding suppliers, verification of wedding planning services from two wedding professionals and from two brides are also needed for getting certification.

You may find lots of other organizations which offer quick wedding planner certification. They are not legitimate organizations for providing certification. So you must be very careful about quick wedding planning certifications. This will assure that you will find a better rated Wedding Planners in Los Angeles.

Certified wedding planning professionals are earning a higher income because clients these days feel more secure when hiring a professional who has one. So, yes, taking the time and paying the expense for an education in this field is definitely worthwhile for you as you build your business and career.

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Tips for a Memorable Rice Ceremony



Rice ceremony or what we often call it Annaprasan, is a significant ritual in our Indian culture. The birth of your little angel requires the adequate amount of celebration and must be as grand as the smile it has brought to your face.

Generally, the party is thrown on the 6th or 8th of the month of the baby, introducing her/him to the solid foods. The major parts of the celebration are centred around lots of yummy traditional delicacies and very close family members.Most of the event organizers in Kolkata are experts in the rice ceremony hosting, as it is very common amongst the Bengalis.

But this ceremony is popular in other communities as well with different names though. It has always been a disappointment for the parents that most rice ceremonies turn quite cliché.

You can beat that mundane ritual oriented celebration and plan something unique with the contemporary event planners in India. You can make your baby’s first solid food eating ceremony unique and most entertaining for the guests with these few tips:

Invite them to style:

The rice ceremony is meant for some close people. You can make it a gala one or just keep it small with personalized invitation ideas. Not just the picture of your cute little one, but you can put down some rhymes or few lines.

This will not only make the message clear and warm but will showcase your creativity as well. Better if you just don’t try to get it all done by yourself. Ask any of the top event organisers in Kolkata to help you out with the unique personalisation.

The Décor says it all:

Just because it is mostly a low key affair, people tend to use usual party décor ideas. Come out of cliché and try to use baby pictures and the kids’ toys as the décor props. Ask one of the best event organisers in Kolkata to use vibrant colours, sparkling lights, and wonderful toys that can bring out the hidden children in all your guests.

Flowers can be avoided, cutting on the huge cost and the kids can be allergic to them too. Instead, artificial décors like streamers and balloons are awesome ideas. If you go out of ideas, be ready to seek help from one of the best event planners in India and your baby’s rice ceremony is sorted.


It’s all about great food:

When we talk of Annaprasan, the most astounding part is the food. Every Bengali event calls for awesome foods and the rice ceremony shouldn’t be an exception. You will always be surprised to see the huge variety of foods offered to the baby on a rice ceremony. As one of the top event planners in India, we have noticed that it’s the ritual that is followed and the baby hardly eats any. Well though, this isn’t the case for the invitees.

The guests are always overwhelmed to find so many classic Bengali dishes offered to them. Make sure you make the menu short but delicious. Yes, always remember that quality comes before quantity. Ask any of the top event organisers to set a finger-licking menu and incorporate your favourites, if you wish to.

Wondering how to present the best on your little munchkin’s rice ceremony? Please your guests with a grand ceremony held by one of the top event organisers. So, just keep the above tips handy and appoint the best for your angel’s rice ceremony.

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Why the Wedding Gift You Bring DOES Matter




The wedding is a big day not just for the bride and the groom rather the families who meet up. Every marrying couple expects that the gifts they receive can be put into a fine use, as dumping up the things would hurt the feelings of the one who had purchased the gift with a happy gesture.  But it isn’t just the duty of the couple to take care of the feelings of their guests rather it even becomes a responsibility of the guests to find useful and suitable wedding gifts for the couple.

So in case your best friend or a kith is up to his wedding day, you need to be wise enough to choose a perfect gift for the couple. Don’t just try to pick the most common thing, as even others might be up with the same option so try to be creative. I have listed few things that you can probably keep in your mind while selecting a perfect wedding gift:

  • Before bringing up an option in mind just check if the couple has created any registry, as this is the list that can probably find out needs of the couple. This is a new and a helpful pattern for the guests to buy gifts and the couple to cherish each wedding gift as it clearly mentions the needs and wants of the couple.
  • Generally, a cash gift is a good option but in case if the marrying couple is too close to you then, gifting cash wouldn’t be suitable. So if you are opting for cash then do analyse that it won’t hurt any feelings.
  • Now if you are planning to gift something different that is neither in the registry nor in the form of cash then plan something creative and at the same time useful. Never forget that whatever you gift the couple would definitely reflect your feelings about them. So if the couple is too close, then surf furniture and web, but don’t forget to add their taste in each suggestion, as this simple thing would give a personalized touch to your gift, Urban Ladder has been offering great options, which are just giving a try.
  • Another thing that you need to keep in mind while picking up a gift for the couple is the place from where you are about to buy the gift. As if you plan up to buy from the nearest market or shops it may give a sense of it, but if you find out something from a different state or a different market that could be different can be a good option. Also, remember it is important for the couple so leave your gift at such a place where it can reach the couple even after the mess of the wedding day function.
  • At times if you and your friends who are getting married to a particular group of friends then it is always good to make a contribution among the group and then gift something really big, rather than putting up many small things.

So if it’s your best friend’s wedding on the calendar just remember how important is the gift for your friend, and then make a wise choice.

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