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How to Increase Your Endurance: Keep on Keeping on



Have you found yourself tiring quickly, or not being able to finish a workout more times than you can count? Chances are that you lack the stamina. Your endurance needs to be worked on. But where exactly should you start? Which workout regimes or sports cover that? Well, we’re here to reveal a few useful advice that actually won’t cost you that much trouble. And they’re all fairly simple.

Strength training

While cardio and HIIT training is good to get your heart pumping and burn calories, you should also start incorporating more strength training. As a rule, it will affect your endurance and stamina. Simply doing 60 – 90 minutes of strength training a week should be enough. When training to improve endurance, it’s imperative to vary up your workouts as much as you can. And building up your strength will help later on, when you need that final push during a challenge, regardless of the sport.

Longer, but steadier workouts

Take running, for example. Sprinting tires you out fairly quickly, and you find yourself decreasing running speed to a mere walk by the end. Or you push on, exhausting yourself, which does more harm than good to your muscles. While running at a slower speed for forty minutes will level up your overall endurance. This can be done with all other exercises – slowing down the pace while withstanding longer periods of said activity generally contribute to better stamina and endurance.

Change your diet from the ground up

If possible, go to a nutritionist to see which types of food are best suited for you. When incorporated into the assessment, your height, weight, level of activity and even blood type basically create a cheat-sheet on which foods will work best for you. This eliminates the long trial-and-error process with switching up your diet every once in a while. Building up your stamina means you can’t afford consuming foods that will deplete your energy levels, as it greatly affects how long you last in a workout.

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Use music

You know how some people say they need music to be able to run or cycle longer? Well, there is some truth in that. Music not only helps distract the mind from how taxing a workout is, it also keeps your spirits high, allowing for a boost of motivation. If you go online, you’ll see that there are even different playlists for different types of activities. If you haven’t already, try out the method, or switch up your regular music for something more engaging. You’ll be surprised.

Cycling uphill

For those who’re already cycling regularly, this is the icing on the cake. Adding an uphill part of the route will actually add some endurance training to your usual cycling workout. And those who don’t get on their bikes often should give it a go, as there are numerous benefits aside from building endurance. If you think you’re not as well equipped, you can browse online through various informative bike reviews for the best upgrade to your current bike. Also, try typing ‘well-equipped bicycle stores near me’ into your search engine, more often than not, bike experts working there can help you with all of your problems. Moving your bike up a slope requires more strength, stamina and focus than walking uphill. While it is a taxing endurance workout, it’s still one of the best out there.

Work on your weaknesses

As mentioned before, the key to developing your endurance is to vary your workouts. Far too many people find a fitness niche and stick to it. All the while they forget that actually branching out the scope of your workouts can help you master the niche you’re in. Runners need strength training, weightlifters do need cardio, and so on. Our advice is to see into strength training first, and then yoga, or other lighter (but just as demanding) training sessions. Find out what your weakest physical achievements are and work on improving them, as they will work into building your overall endurance.

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Eliminate junk food

A fairly obvious point in our argument, junk food needs to be eliminated for your diet. Or at least heavily underrepresented. They cause a spike in sugar levels and cholesterol, which results in fatigue. It massively depletes your energy levels, causing you to tire much faster. As a result, your stamina suffers, and you’ll be grossly dissatisfied with your endurance, most likely blaming it on yourself and not the food you eat. Cheat days are fine, but make sure they’re few and far in-between, and that they overlap with a low-intensity workout day. Eat organic, clean food, and always, always read the labels on the packaging.


Endurance is built by investing your time in your overall body fitness. It’s pushing your body to its stamina limits, seeing how far you can go with a certain tempo. This means you need to learn control, not exerting yourself and being patient. Today, we’ve covered three important aspects – upgrading your regular regime to train endurance, controlling your diet, and switching up for a new type of workout. Which one you choose is completely to your preferences. We say go for all three for the best results, but in the end, your body – your decisions. Find out which suits you best and keep on keeping on!

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5 Simple Exercises To Help You Lose Your Belly Fat!




Reducing abdominal fat and muscle definition are usually obtained through an active lifestyle. The traditional exercises for these muscles, for example, the abs classics, are not always sufficient for rapid progress. Abdominal exercises performed with the inflatable ball are more effective than traditional abdominal sitting exercises, but it cannot help you lose belly fat extremely fast without adding other exercises. Try the following six simple exercises that will not only help you lose belly fat effectively but impact other important muscles for the abdominal area as well

5 Simple Exercises To Help You Lose Your Belly Fat!

1. Training for the entire trunk

You start with an exercise that helps to work the muscles that are not in sight. Lie on your back and put your hands on your belly just below the navel. Exhale and let all air out of your lungs. Pull your legs up until they are perpendicular to floor. Hold the position for 5 seconds and then pull it down slowly. Repeat this 8-10 times for good results.

2. Navel reversed

Lay on the floor by using elbows supporting you. It is important that the arms are straight and aligned under shoulders. Keep your back straight and butt muscles tense. Pull your body up and hold the position for 10 seconds. Come to your beginning point.

3. Rowing the canoe

If you’re into water sports or kayak or canoe, you probably do not need exercises that help you lose belly. But if you aren’t, then you can mimic that exercise right in your living room. Sit up straight and spread your legs slightly. Keep your hands clasped as if in prayer position, and start “rowing” with them as you would in a canoe, moving your whole torso to the left while lifting the left knee to the right. Do alternating movement on each side with a total of 20 repetitions.

4. Pilates exercise for abdominal muscles

Standing with heels together and feet facing slightly to the outside, put your hands under the chin, with palms in tight fists. Keeping your arms attached to the body as much as possible; start kneeling until you no more. Hold the position for 5 seconds, inhale, then return to the original standing position. All lower abdominal muscles are worked by this exercise.

5. Drill down Crunches

Lie down flat on your back, put your hands behind your head and lift your body slightly to the abdomen. At the same time, raise your legs with your knees at an angle of 90 degrees. Hips remain on the floor. Do 10-12 repetitions.

Stand straight & pull your arms up in sideways. Raise your right knee as high as possible and bring arms forward; curling them like you are giving a hug. Inhale and return to starting position. This exercise is most effective with 20 reps, 10 each leg.

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11 Effective Ways to Defeat Vitiligo




Effective Ways to Defeat Vitiligo

Have you developed spots of vitiligo? Do you find it embarrassing to have vitiligo spots or patches on your skin? Are you looking for effective ways to deal with vitiligo? If you nodded along in agreement, then think no further. Read on to find some most effective ways to deal with vitiligo successfully.

Vitiligo is an auto-immune disease where skin loses some pigments due to the complex mechanism in the body, which is governed by immunological, hormonal, and genetic factors. Vitiligo does not produce any major objective suffering, such as pain, discomfort, or internal damage to any organ. However, the patients of vitiligo are stressed due to the patchy look of their skin, particularly those having brown or dark skin. Here are some outstanding ways to deal with vitiligo effectively.

11 Effective Ways to Successfully Deal With Vitiligo:

1. Avoid Trauma To The Skin: Any injury or abrasion to skin triggers the spread of the disease.

2. Be Happy, De-stressed: Stress, either emotional or physical, has been identified as one of the leading factors that affect the faster progression of this disease. So, stay happy and stress-free. 

3. Follow Dos & Don’ts Of The Diet:


Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your regular diet.


  • Sour foods, such as lemons, oranges, tomatoes ketchup, pickles, raw mango, sour curd, over-fermented foods, and Chinese foods (or foods containing vinegar and soy sauces), should be avoided.
  • Seafood, such as fish, prawns, crabs, lobsters, and shrimps, needs to be completely avoided.
  • We also encourage our patients to avoid non-veg foods and foods with artificial colors and preservatives along with the canned foods for a better recovery.

4. Expose Your Skin To Early Morning Sunlight: Get exposed to the early morning or setting sun for 10-15 minutes daily.

5. Protect Your Skin: Use a good sunscreen if you step out in the sun between 10 am to 4 pm.

6. Drink Water Which Is Stored In Copper Vessels: It is advisable to drink the water which is stored in the copper vessels as minerals from such water will help boost the production of melanin in the skin.

7. Have Vitamin Supplements As Advised: Have an adequate amount of supplements of Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D as per the doctor’s advice.

8. Check Your Thyroid Levels: Increased or decreased thyroid levels have an impact on the spread of vitiligo. So, get your thyroid test done.

9. Use Ginkgo Biloba: The extract of Ginkgo Biloba has been found effective in re-pigmentation of the skin. So, it might help you in dealing with vitiligo.

10. Avoid Topical Application Of Steroids: Avoid using topical steroids for treating the rapid spread of vitiligo.

11. Choose Holistic Treatment: Opt for homoeopathy to deal with vitiligo effectively. Homoeopathy helps in controlling the spread of vitiligo by attempting to correct the immune system & enhancing the natural melanocyte formation. Homoeopathy offers an excellent treatment and a ray of hope to the most cases of vitiligo.

So, if you want to deal with vitiligo effectively and safely, choose homoeopathy treatment for vitiligo without a second thought and follow all the above mentioned helpful tips to have a healthy skin and lead a happy, healthy life.

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Get Well And Live Healthy With Pharma Franchise Company



Pharmaceuticals is one of the most critical industries and if you are looking forward to get into alliance or start up a franchise, make sure you get in touch with one of the trusted brands in the country only. As a consumer make sure you consume the medicines prescribed by your doctor in the required dosages only.

It is also advisable to check the expiry dates as the chemical composition becomes toxic after the expiry dates hit and consuming them is absolutely dangerous to the health. With medical science and the wide variety of medicines, almost ever disease and ailment can be cured and those that cannot be can be at least checked and controlled. But with Ayurveda, you are free from all possible side effects and they also promise a healthier life ahead.

Why Ayurveda

Ayurveda is one of the trending subjects in the country and across the borders in research, news, innovation, gossip, suggestion, medicine, healthcare, food and what not! Moreover in the fast paced world with increased pressure for competition and achieving not anything less than just the best, it is very important to stay in good health and shape.

Fever, cough and cold, minor headaches, cuts and burns keep happening to us, our children and also the respected and dear grandparents. Every time we visit the doctor and come across expensive tests and medicines which once again give way to further complications, even though the ailment reduces for the short term yet it keeps recurring at possibly every season change for fever, cough and cold or may be every fortnight, especially for arthritis and joint pains.

It is time now to think of a permanent solution which will keep you healthier and safer from the allergic reactions or any condition that poses a threat to your health condition every recurring period. Obviously there is no other solution than the age old Ayurveda and herbals. Whether you are a consumer or a franchise holder or distributor, you already know that Ayurveda can perform miracles with the amazing science of herbs.

How Pharma Franchise works

The Pharma companies are nowadays incorporating a dually beneficial methodology of PCD, Propaganda cum distribution. This method offers dual benefits of providing better sales to pharmaceuticals as well as offers distributors for the products of the pharma companies. Some of the PCD Pharma companies also provide franchise partnerships.

With the help of Ayurveda, the trusted brands of PCD Pharma franchise company extract the properties of the essential natural ingredients from plants and leaves, roots, barks, flowers and buds. These are then combined with each other based on the type of medicine to be produced and packed in bottles and tubes before they hit the market. The best part is no chemicals are used which can produce the harmful side effects while generating the required outcome.


The wide range of products in Pharmaceuticals in Ayurveda range from treating mental illness, to gynaecology, child development, stronger bones, dengue, weight loss, fever and old, energy capsules, piles and lots more. With continuous improvement and innovation, there is more anticipated in the list of countless medicines treating critical and prolonged ailments.

Partnership with the leading brand, as a business enthusiast and consuming medicines from the best of Ayurvedic franchise company, as a consumer should be your key priorities!

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