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Despite the Darkness: 7 Tips to Light Up A Room Facing North



Whether you own or rent your place, a dull, north-facing space can become your arch enemy, feeling dry, cold, and gloomy even on the freshest of summer seasons.

The presence of natural light is not that constant, particularly in some homes. Fortunately, there are decorating tricks which can create a big difference. There’s no need for knocking down walls. It’s all about illusions that add smart brightness.

You’ll be glad to appreciate that with a couple of smart lighting touches, you can turn a north facing room into a beauty. Listed below are some tips that can help modify a dark room into a light, radiant space.

A Combination of Pendant Lengths

Excellent for providing light to bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens, pendants are on trend on Black Mango as well.

Make them operate in a dark room with varying methods and, essentially, lengths to present a widespread and more layered lighting impact. You can further team a short and long pendant together beside a piece of furniture or a feature mirror, or in a notably gloomy edge of a room.

Energize with Floor Uplighters

Painting your walls will certainly make the room appear brighter, but it is quite a boring color design. Be that as it may, since we mostly have a white ceiling, it is a call to apply floor uplighters to energize the light heading to the ceiling and bounce it directly back in the room.

There is an excellent choice of wall or freestanding uplighter styles, which each can produce a feeling of weightlessness without the need to give up the walls, which often truly compliment the luxuriance of a gloomy room.

Appreciating the Ends of your Sofa

A single bulb in the middle of your ceiling will not produce much to light up an entire room, and that is the reason why it makes sense to consider lighting and particular furniture pieces to work together.

Usually, interior designers will suggest placing a couple of lights, whether table lamps or floor lights, at either side of your couch to generate light that will help in making glare from the TV a less strainful.

Installing floor outlets are an effective way to allow adaptability with your lighting design. For instance, if your sofa is on the other end of your room to the nearby electrical outlet. Another way is to continuously manage the lead across your room making certain it’s taped down so that you don’t trip over it.

Task Lighting and Ambient Lighting Combo

Diversity is a key factor when it comes to illuminating any room in your home. Steering for a combination of ambient lighting (delicate lighting that lights large areas) and task lighting (luminous, focused light established on a specific position) is the safest way to thoroughly light up a north-facing room without the glow feeling flat.

What makes it more simple is that the single rule works for each room. In the cookhouse, you will need task lighting for surfaces engaged in work and ambient lighting for dining or talking after hours.

If you own a desk in your living room or bedroom, that will most certainly claim the reason task lighting, while ambient lighting is best to help you relax while watching TV.

Make the room tidy

It is quite apparent when you think about it, but only a few people do it. It is good to remember that the simpler and clearer your shades, the more brightness will spring to light up your room.

Although metal pendant methods, colorful sculpture ideas, and matte tones seem good, they tend to conceal some of the brightness that you so desperately need to shine, so it is better to opt for clear glass, big shades or simply brandish the bulbs themselves.

Try to do Dimmer

If you think that you must use dimmer switches as a way to minimize light, when you need to produce a gloomy vibe in rooms that are naturally bright, but they are an excellent way to attain the exact reverse.

The answer is to utilize your dimmer at an average setting frequently so that you will get used to that as the standard level of brightness, and then when the chilly season kicks in, or you demand more illumination, switch it up to full blast.

A Light Behind Closed Doors

One concern with rooms facing north is that there’s limited natural brightness to light up closets, drawers or cupboards once opened. What’s the purpose of a closet full of clothing if you can’t recognize one piece from the other?

LED lighting strips installed to the inside roof of the storage space or a track lighting neighbouring the opened doors will help you identify the items you stored but also briefly add brightness to the room in general.


Illuminating a dark and gloomy room will instantly make it more engaging. But it is very nice to know that lighting a dreary room does not need a complete renovation or a flood of extreme brightness. Sometimes it only needs a bit of creativity and practicality to light up your darkroom efficiently.


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